The World Needs More Brescia.

One hundred years ago, Brescia University College was founded by Ursuline sisters – bold women inspired to change the world through education. They were women before their time. Women who had a vision – a world of wisdom, compassion and justice. Their legacy and their example are our future.

Today, Brescia is a place that ignites, inspires and empowers young women. It is a place where students learn who they are and how they will make a difference. At Brescia, women develop the confidence, capabilities, character and compassion to transform the world.

As Brescia begins its second century we have a clear vision for our unique role and a plan for achieving it. We will build on our strengths, making even more impact in the years ahead. We will transform the world by transforming women’s education.

Through the LEAD WITH US campaign we are raising $10 million to ensure we have the right resources to lead for another 100 years.

Brescia is ready to be bold. Are you with us?


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