Fundraising Initiatives

As Brescia University College approaches its centenary, we are not resting on our laurels. Here at Brescia, we have developed a clear road map that will drive growth for many years to come. It is rooted in our Ursuline Sisters’ tradition and values, and builds on our strengths. The goal remains the same; to develop women leaders, who live the Brescia values and contribute actively and positively to society.

Brescia University College has a bold vision for the future. We believe women and men can share leadership in all its many forms, and make the world a better place as a result. We believe that for some women, that journey starts at an institution designed around the learning preferences and needs of women

We seek your support to fuel our innovation and aspirations for educational excellence.There are many ways to support the bold vision of Brescia University College. We ask you to partner with us to be a part of something powerful; an investment in the education of women.

For more details about all fundraising initiatives, please view our case for support, found here.