LEAD WITH US Campaign Cabinet

The LEAD WITH US campaign cabinet and ambassadors


On 20 October 2019, in honour of Brescia University College’s Centennial, the University launched its largest, most ambitious fundraising campaign in its 100 year history. With a goal of $10 million, the LEAD WITH US campaign will boost facilities, financial aid, mental health and research resources across the University to foster and empower women’s leadership into its next century.

Brescia is grateful for the valuable support of its dedicated campaign volunteers.

Campaign Cabinet:

  • Erin Rankin Nash – CHAIR
  • Susan Allison
  • Lauretta Frederking
  • Karen Fryday-Field
  • Heather Hurst
  • Mitra Khademi
  • Marjie Macoun
  • Karen McKay
  • Susan Mumm
  • Penny Rintoul
  • Jodi Simpson

Campaign Ambassadors:

  • Nazanin Afshin Jam McKay
  • Colleen Aguilar
  • Dr. Ed Bell
  • Brenda Bird
  • Ann Clavelle
  • Dr. Jim Doelman
  • Dr. Paula Dworatzek
  • Laure Eldik
  • Liz Hewitt
  • Sara Francolini
  • Dr. Marlene Janzen Le Ber


Campaign Ambassadors:

  • Janis Kinlin
  • Rhea Johnson
  • Nadia Martin
  • Erin Mitchell
  • Dr. John Mitchell
  • Shirley Van Nuland
  • Ericka Oakes
  • Dr. Colleen O’Connor
  • Marianne Simm
  • Sara Steers
  • Amy Walby