Giving Monthly

Give. Empower. Repeat.

My name is Taiyaba Nadeem and I just completed my first year at Brescia studying Management and Organizational Studies. My first year has been a rollercoaster; from getting lost on the first day of classes (I actually missed my first math lecture because I could not find the classroom,) to making new friends (some of whom were also lost on campus), to failing my first ever midterm.

If I ever feel stressed about school load, the academic advisors and student success center are very helpful; somewhere to just sit, talk and breathe. I remember panicking about my first micro economics midterm and a soph at the student success center talked me out of my stress. She told me about her experience as a first year student and how she failed her first midterm. I was so relieved after she told me she had been in the same situation. I was not the only one. We talked for a while, laughing and sharing funny stories. On that day this soph I barely knew looked after me like my big sister does. Brescia is becoming my second family.

After failing my first midterm, I went to talk to my professor and the first thing she said to me was “Hi Taiyaba, how are you”. Right after she said my name I was kind of shocked, because she knew who I was and that I had failed. I was surprised that a Brescia professor with dozens of other first year students knew my name and how I was doing in her class. She encouraged me to not give up. I felt supported. I took her advice and sky rocketed my next midterm. I went up to her after my second midterm and she said to me “I knew you could do it” which put a huge smile across my face. The support I was receiving from my professors was awesome. I was starting to feel like I belong here. Every professor that I encountered took the time to understand who I am and what I want from Brescia. Completing my first year as a student at Brescia was not an easy journey for me but I know this is exactly where I want to be. I feel loved and at home.

Brescia Alumnae know what Taiyaba is going through. Brescia Alumnae have been in her shoes.  Brescia Alumnae have the power to ensure Taiyaba and her peers have what they need to reach their full potential. To be bold. Your monthly donation will go to work immediately, continuing the personalized education Brescia is renowned for.

I want to support Women’s Education at Brescia