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Just Own It! Video Series

Just Own It! Is a series of five videos that provides high school students with an introduction to entrepreneurship . The videos range in length from 6 – 8 minutes, ideal for use in a classroom environment. Find them on our Just Own It! YouTube channel.

The videos cover topics such as the traits of an entrepreneur, identification of a customer problem, development of a product, creating a business model, validating a business model, and pitching a business idea.  The videos feature young entrepreneurs to whom high school students will relate. The quirky, fun, ironic approach will engage students.

so you want to be
So, You Wanna Be An Entrepreneur
its a plan
It's A Plan
being validated
Being Validated Just Feels Good
a product of
A Product of its Environment
pitchers up
Pitcher's Up
Just Own It! Teacher’s Resources

Each video in the Just Own It! Series comes with a complementary teacher’s guide, plus the links to the additional resources you will need to complete the designed activities! Each teacher’s guide has at least one in-class activity that reinforces the key learning outcomes of the respective video.

Teacher’s Guides

Activity Resources