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How are the books organized in the library?

Our books and other materials are organized by call number – a code given to each item in the library, made up of numbers and letter. We use the Library of Congress Classification system, which uses letters followed by numbers (i.e. HQ560.W26 2011).
Our bookshelves (or “stacks”) are arranged in alphabetical order. The floor plan is on our Maps page.
To learn more about call numbers, click here.

How do I get a course reserve?

Come and ask at the circulation desk. Our course reserves are kept in call number order, so you need to know the call number before you come to the desk. You can look these up in Omni, our academic search tool or by accessing the course readings website and logging in.

What if a book I need is already checked out?

You can recall the book through the Omni by clicking the “Request Item” button in the item record. Recalls usually take 1 – 2 weeks to arrive.

How do I return a book after the library is closed?

You can put it in the library dropbox, which is just outside the main library doors.

Can I get books from other libraries at Western & Affiliated Colleges?

Yes! You can request that the books be sent to Brescia by using the “Request Item” button Omni, or you can visit the library that has the book.

If there is a book that Western libraries does not have, you can also try using RACER, the interlibrary loan system, which allows you to get books from libraries all over Ontario.

I have a library fine. How do I pay it?

At Beryl Ivey Library, you can pay by cash. Debit is available at King’s, Weldon, and Taylor Library. You can pay online through your My Library Account using your Mastercard or Visa Credit Card.

Can I print, photocopy, or scan?

Instructions for printing, photocopying, and scanning can be found on the printing, photocopying and scanning section of our website.

Do you have laptops or other A/V equipment?

Yes – we have laptops, projectors, Mac adapters, and more for you to borrow. Electronic items must stay on campus. Visit our Book Study Rooms & Equipment page for more information.

Can I book a study room?

The study rooms at Beryl Ivey Library are for Brescia students, faculty, and staff only. You can book these for a group for up to three hours per day, using the Brescia Booking System.

If I have a book from a different Western library, can I return it to Brescia?

Yes, you can! Brescia and the other affiliate libraries are all a part of Western Libraries. You can return your Western (or Affiliate) Library book to any Western Library, and it will be sent back to its home library.