Printing, Photocopying, and Scanning


To print in the Beryl Ivey Library, you must get a copy card from the staff at the service desk. The cost of the card is $1.00. You can then use the coin machine to put money on your card.
Printing is 10 cents per page for black and white and 50 cents per page for colour. Instructions for printing are below, or you can view our Printing instructions in PDF.

  1. From your computer workstation, send your item to print:
    • Black and white: choose “GenLabs on tardis.vm.its.uwo.pri”.
    • Colour: choose “BR-Colour-Lib-in on tardis.vm.its.uwo.pri”.
    • Wait until the “Printer is Paused” message appears before closing your document or web browser.
  2. Go over to one of the print stations (by the circulation desk or in the lab) and insert your copy card into the reader.
  3. Enter your Login Name (Western account name – like your e-mail).
  4. Click the print jobs you would like to print.
  5. To release your print jobs, click the “Print Selected Jobs” button. Your copy card will be ejected, and your pages will print out of the appropriate machine.

Wireless Printing

The Campus Printing Service allows campus users to print most common documents to selected printers on campus.The new email-based process is easy to use for both PC and MAC users. View our Wireless Printing instructions in PDF.


The photocopiers in the Beryl Ivey Library are located near the service desk, and use both coins and Brescia copy cards. To obtain a copy card, see the staff at the service desk. The cost of the copy card is $1.00.
Using cash, the cost of black and white photocopying is 10 cents per page.
Using a copy card, the cost of black and white photocopying is 7 cents per page.
Colour photocopying is 50 cents per page (cash or copy card).


You can scan at the Beryl Ivey Library using the colour photocopier. This will scan documents and save them onto a USB stick in PDF format. You must bring your own USB stick with you.
Instructions for scanning can be found by the colour photocopier.