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The University Student Toolkit is suspended for the 2014-2015 year as it undergoes a review process. We will not be offering any workshops during this time. Please check back in 2015 for updates.

What is the Toolkit?

The Toolkit is a free workshop-based program that combines academic and personal coaching with a variety of essential skills in order to support your transition to and continued successful progression in this unique University learning environment.

This ongoing support program allows you to customize the experience to fit your own personal goals and needs. Workshops are offered in-class, online, and blended in order to meet you at your point of need. Each in-class workshop is limited to 23 students to allow for greater interaction between you, the workshop instructor, and other workshop participants.

Your instructors are enthusiastic faculty and staff members with strong records of teaching and coaching at Brescia. They are professionals in their field of study and want to assure the success of our students.

The Toolkit is geared to students new to Brescia, but all Brescia students are welcomed and encouraged to take part.

Workshop Learning Objectives and Modules

Upon completion of this program, you will have a basic set of skills in the areas of academics, communication, research, and writing for use during your undergraduate studies and in your future career. The learning objectives for each module of the Toolkit are:


By completing workshops in this module, you will be better prepared for the demands of classroom assignments and exams, such as giving presentations or preparing for tests. These skills will be helpful throughout your university experience and throughout your transition to graduate school or the workplace.


After taking these workshops, you will develop lifelong skills that will help you transition from first year into the workplace. These skills include time, stress, and procrastination management. These workshops help you better identify your personal strengths and learn how to overcome your weaknesses to maximize your academic potential.

Research & Technology

After completing workshops in this module, you will have a better understanding of the research process, such as beginning assignments, finding scholarly sources, and critically evaluating resources. These skills will assist you with completing research-based assignments throughout your undergraduate degree, as well as into the future. You will also gain a better understanding of learning and citation management software to help you track and manage your research.


The workshops in this module provide an introduction to academic writing, for use in university-level courses and beyond. After taking these workshops you will develop skills in the areas of thesis-based essay writing, editing your own work, and avoiding plagiarism.

Toolkit Formats

The Toolkit is a customizable program designed to meet you at your point of need. This means that you can choose to enroll in the Certificate Stream or the Individual Workshop Stream.

The Certificate Stream

You will complete ten fifty-minute workshops with at least one workshop from each of the four modules. The four modules are: Academics, Self-Management, Research & Technology, and Writing. You will complete reflections for each of the ten workshops, and a final certificate reflection at the end of the program. This stream culminates in a Certificate of Completion, as recognized by the Co-Curricular Record.

The Individual Workshop Stream

You may complete as many or as few workshops as you are interested in. You may drop-in or pre-register for individual workshops at any point throughout the year. You will complete reflections for those workshops that you attend. Through the Co-Curricular Record, you will receive recognition for the individual workshops that you complete, but this stream does not culminate in a full Certificate.

Workshops are offered in-class in the library computer lab, online via OWL, or both.

Workshop Descriptions

There are 22 workshops offered in the University Student Toolkit program.

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Toolkit Instructors

Your toolkit instructors are enthusiastic staff & faculty members, who want to encourage the success of Brescia students.

Paul Barker – Professor – Political Science

Kathy Burns – Professor – Psychology

Heather Campbell – Curriculum Support & Instruction Librarian

Nadine deMoras – Professor – Modern Languages

Jim Doelman – Professor – English

Joan Ellsworth – Writing Centre

Alison Foster – Library Access Services Coordinator

Tony Francolini – Professor – Management & Organizational Studies

Leslie Janes– Professor – Psychology

Steve Kleinknecht – Professor – Sociology

Christina Lord – International Student Program Coordinator

John Mitchell – Profsesor – Psychology

Wendy Latimer – Senior Academic Advisor

Emma Swiatek – Public Services Librarian

Christine Tenk – Professor – Psychology

Caroline Whippey – Library Learning Services Coordinator

Toolkit Timetable

The Timetable for the 2014-2015 Toolkit will be available in September 2014. Workshops are held in person in the library computer lab and online.

Need More Information?

Contact Kate Norton – Program Coordinator to find out more information, ask questions, and address concerns. You can reach Kate at,  519-432-8353 ext. 28076, or in the Beryl Ivey Library.