Fuelling Our Faith


“sensitivity or attachment to religious values”
“relating to a person’s spirit”
“relating to supernatural beings or phenomena”

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“strong belief or trust in someone or something”
“faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” – Hebrews 11:1


Spiritual Direction

Are you seeking assistance or guidance in your journey? Appointments can be made by contacting Catherinanne George

“As a Brescia student, my faith journey has been strengthened through spiritual direction and pastoral care… I have learned to be attentive to my spirit.” – Laura

Brescia Chapel

The Brescia Chapel is open to all for prayer and quiet reflection (with the exception of Mass times) when Ursuline Hall is open to the public (Ursuline Hall Schedule).

Mass Schedule
ccsa_2_meitu_7Roman Catholic Services are available on our campus.
All are welcome:

Act. Bestir yourselves. Have hope and confidence. Make efforts. Cry to God with all your heart. You will certainly see wonders if you direct everything to the praise of the Sacred, and the greater good of others. Above all, obey the inspirations which the Holy Spirit unceasingly sends into your hearts. – St. Angela Merici