“I’m a Brescia student with no faith background, and I’m amazed to see how Brescia Campus Ministry builds an environment where all feel welcome, and also creates an atmosphere of hospitality.” – DanXi

Campus Ministry recognizes the enrichment and blessing that our multicultural and multi-faith student body brings. This diversity allows us to expand our consciousness, individually and communally, to the needs of the world, which is something we encourage. Therefore, our programs are flexible and open to address the needs of our students. Campus Ministry shares the mission and vision of Brescia: to empower students to grow in wisdom, compassion, and justice, in a community that promotes human development, respect, dignity, and compassion towards all.

Sabine reading_meitu_17“The Brescia Chapel community is a welcoming community. Our spirits are enriched by those who join us. As a chaplaincy we seek to serve the needs of the Brescia community.” – Catherinanne & Fr. Peter


Sacred space for prayer is provided for our Muslim students in a prayer room off of the auditorium in the Mother St. James building.