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Journey with your Journal
Spiritual Formation
Sophia Women


Spirituali-Tea is a gathering for Brescia students to come together, to celebrate friendship, and to participate in discussions. During this time, they enjoy fellowship and community while supporting one another.
Spirituali-Tea is held every Wednesday of the week during Fall and Winter terms from 4:30 to 6:00pm in the Merici Lounge. All students are welcome to attend and refreshments are provided.

“Coming to Spirituali-Tea helped me improve my coping skills, taught me how to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression, and also to take time on my own and relax.” – Donah

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photo 1_meitu_1Journey with Your Journal

Choose to Journey: Discovering You @ U! is a program designed to help you discover who you are, and what your purpose is in the Journey that is life.

  • Receive a
 free journal at the Campus Ministry office or by attending our programs. This journal contains 12 goals to work toward throughout the year.
  • Record the goals as well as important events, thoughts, and feelings
  • Consider your spiritual path 
and personal growth
  • Prepare to be transformed!

Feel free to check out our upcoming social media sites for ideas on what to write about in the journal.

“It’s always a great feeling to know I am instantly welcomed whenever I walk in the door, no matter my religion or race” – Ramolda

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Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation is the process of forming or growing the spiritual self. Specific practices of spiritual formation include disciplines such as prayer, meditating on Scripture, worship, study, silence, and service.

“Prayer and worship has helped me grow in my personal relationship through spiritual direction and active consistent prayer…. I have been truly blessed through these prayers.” – Sabine, Brescia student

Campus Ministry encourages students to engage in prayer and meditation; during the Advent and Lenten seasons, we offer booklets containing daily reflections to all members of our community.  Other resources are also available throughout the year.

Advent booklet 2

Daily reflections are available for all members of our community. Other resources are also available throughout the year.

Advent booklet 1

Sophia Women

Sophia Women_meitu_6Returning to academic studies after some time at home or in other endeavours can be difficult. Special support is offered to women 25 years of age and older. Brescia Sophia Women enrich the community with their experience. Their needs are group-determined and met collaboratively.

We offer monthly luncheons where mature students gather to support one another. Through these informal drop-ins, we consider the various strengths and supports we have to address the many pressures on us between education, work, and family. To participate in this, please contact Catherinanne George.


Every summer and during the fall, we offer packages for incoming students. These packages are meant to make you feel welcome and aid you in your transition as you begin this new chapter of your Journey.

Campus Ministry Brochure

Campus Ministry Brochure

This brochure is a discernment tool distributed at Open Houses to prospective students to aid them in their choices within higher education.


Orientation Package

Summer Orientation Package

The Summer Orientation Package is designed to assist students in their transition toward university as they prepare for this new stage of their life. Campus Ministry supports our incoming class.


Homecoming Package

Orientation Week Package

The Orientation Week Package is given to the new class during their first days as Brescia students. It is meant to support and encourage them as they go forward in their life’s journey, as the newest members of the Brescia family.