Technology Services

Having trouble with your laptop or wireless connection? Or perhaps you are looking for a laptop to book for your upcoming presentation? We are here to help.

You can book laptops, projectors, and other equipment online and pick them up at Beryl Ivey Library. You can also book study rooms using the same website. Please note that equipment and study rooms may be booked for up to three hours per day.

A woman sitting infront of a PC in the Brescia library.

Other technology services at your library include:

Contact the Beryl Ivey Staff for any questions that you may have.

For students in residence:

Phone Related

If you have trouble with your phone, fill in this online request form to Brescia ITS explaining the problem. Be sure to include your name, room number, and the extension number of your phone.

Internet Related

Before you can access the Internet in your room, you have to configure and register your account. Instructions on how to get started can be seen on the Reznet Handbook.

Any other internet problems can be directed to Reznet.

Resourceful Links:

  1. Western E-mail
  2. OWL Sakai
  3. Change your Password
  4. Synchronize your Password; this ensures use of secure passwords
  5. Western ITS
    If you have any technical difficulty with your laptop, computer, etc., please contact the ITS department at main campus. You can also search for your question on the Ask ITS webpage and find instant answers to common questions.