Care Program

Welcome to the Brescia Care Program!

Supporting student success is at the heart of all that happens within the Brescia community.  One of the key areas in supporting student wellness is the identification of concerning behaviour and creating a coordinated response to better support our community.

The central mission of the Brescia Care Program is to provide early identification of at-risk behaviors that impacts a student’s ability to be successful and safe on campus. The program will be led by a Care Team who will receive concerns from staff and faculty, and then work with our community to ensure our students are connected with the appropriate resources.

The mission of the Brescia Care Program is a wide one, including: educating our staff and faculty on how to recognize and respond to concerning behaviour, assisting students who experience academic struggles, helping those with mental health challenges, addressing classroom and residential disruptive/dangerous behaviors, and conducting risk assessments when there is a concern over harm to self and others.  As part of the Brescia Care Program, the Care Team will work collaboratively and proactively to provide early intervention and assistance to those who need help.

We invite you to become familiar with the resources available to you through the Brescia Care Program so that you can feel empowered to support student wellness in our community!


Campus Community Police
911 (campus phone)
519-661-3300 (cell phone)
CMHA Crisis Centre – 519-434-9191
Reach Out Crisis Line – 519-433-2023
Mental Health and Wellness Crisis