Important Events

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In addition to the events and activities listed below, there is also a monthly e-newsletter (coming to your UWO e-mail account) and spontaneous activities based on your needs.


  • September 14: International Welcome Reception
  • October 9: Traditional Canadian Thanksgiving Dinner
  • TBA: Festival of Festivals
  • December 7: Our Favourite Things Brunch


  • January 8: January 2018 Orientation
  • January 25: Cultural Festival
  • TBA: Sugar Bush Trip (to see how maple syrup is made)
  • March 29: Farewell Gathering

Our World at Brescia

Student Connector Program – The Student Connector Program is an informal program that connects incoming international students with upper year students. The purpose of the program is for the upper year students to act as ambassadors and welcome the international students and assist with the transition to Brescia and London.

These partnerships enhance our cultural awareness and continue to build our Brescia community.

Getting Together – Students are invited to sign up for monthly trips to ethnocultural restaurants or grocery stores.

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