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The Student Connector Program is an informal program that connects incoming international students with upper year students. The purpose of the program is for the upper year students to act as ambassadors and welcome the international students and assist with the transition to Brescia and London.

This can be accomplished in the following ways:

  • Your upper year Connector will contact you prior to September or as soon as she gets your  name
  • Establish a time and place to meet – at the initial meeting you might want to share something about yourself, let her know if you need assistance in any specific areas, learn something about her culture and some of her university experiences, fears etc and how she overcame these.
  • Together you will determine how often you will meet and how you will stay connected (text, e-mail etc.). It is recommended that the connections be more frequent initially and decrease as you become more familiar with Brescia/London. Remember that you can and will learn from each other so be open to how your friendship will develop.
  • If you need support or are experiencing a negative situation, contact Lissette in Room 114, St. James Building.

What will you do together?

The following are some suggestions. Do not feel that you have to do these or that you are limited to them. Both you and the upper year student should feel comfortable with your choices and these should be a mutual decision.

  1. The upper year student will be available to answer questions about Brescia, London, Canada
  2. Share personal experiences and show a willingness to learn about her culture in an unbiased way.
  3. Participate in Brescia activities/events together.
  4. Introduce her to your friends where possible and meet her friends.
  5. Go shopping, to the movies etc. Ensure that costs can be covered by each of you.
  6. If she is comfortable with this and it is possible, she may invite you to her home. Many international students never get inside a Canadian family home.

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