Parking Permit & Information

A bird's eye view of London OntarioParking Fees

Non-Reserved Annual Permit  $401.00
Non-Reserved Half Term  $200.50
Daily Permit  $7.00
Replacement Annual Permit  $50.00

All prices include applicable taxes.

Types of Parking Passes

Brescia non-reserved parking permits are only valid for use in LOT A (RED). This parking lot is the lower parking lot east of the Mother St. James building accessed from Brescia Drive (entrance off Western Road).

Annual Non-Reserved Permit

Apply for a permit by first filling out the Annual Parking Permit Application. Coming Soon for 2020-2021.

Then come to the Hive in the Mother St. James Building to pay for your permit.

Annual permits are available on a first come, first served basis due to their limited number. They will be available for sale the last week of August and will be valid to use beginning September 1, 2019.
Upon the return of an annual permit up to the end of February, a refund will be calculated on a pro-rated basis for the remaining months of the current academic year.

Daily Permits

Daily parking passes, valid for use in LOT A (RED), are available for purchase at Clare Hall Reception and Mother St. James Reception.

Metered Parking

Metered parking is available in LOT B (BLUE), located in front of the Mother St. James Building.


Western Parking Services enforces parking in Brescia parking lots. Refer to for a listing of all violations and fines. Parking will be enforced seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day on a year-round basis.

Parking Regulations

  1. As the Brescia grounds are private property, the right is reserved to maintain full jurisdiction over all vehicle parking.
  2. The purchase of any parking permit at Brescia constitutes an agreement on the part of the purchaser to abide by these Regulations.
  3. Motorized vehicles may not be parked on Brescia property without an authorized Brescia University permit. The parking permit should be hung from the rear view mirror or made visible on the left corner of the dashboard (driver’s side). The identification number must be clearly visible from outside the vehicle at all times. Daily and visitor passes must be clearly displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle.
  4. A Brescia University parking permit does not entitle the owner to park in any of the parking lots located at Western University or other affiliated colleges. A Western University or other affiliated college permit does not entitle the owner to park at Brescia University.
  5. Brescia University shall not be held responsible for any loss, injury, or damage to persons and/or motor vehicles, including contents, however caused. Losses, damage/and or injuries should be reported to Campus Police.
  6. Permit holders who drive more than one vehicle will be issued only one annual permit. Only one of the permit holders’ vehicles may be parked on the property at any given time.
  7. Parking is permitted only in allocated parking lots. Neither annual nor daily permit holders may park at the parking meters. The lack of signs does not authorize parking. Purchasing a parking permit does not guarantee a parking spot.
  8. All parking penalties are computer tracked and will be processed for collection action and/or sealing of student records within 14 days. All penalties are subject to review at your request. Please settle or appeal your account within 14 days of the infraction date. Appeals should be submitted in writing (short letter) or via the on-line appeals form available at: Appeal forms are also available from Western Parking & Visitor Services, Room 4150, Support Services Building, Western University.
  9. Repeated violations of the Regulations will result in the withdrawal of parking privileges AND sealing of student records.
  10. Unauthorized or improperly parked vehicles will be ticketed or towed at the owner’s risk and expense.
  11. Forgery, fraud and possession of lost or stolen property are criminal offences. Vehicles displaying altered permits or permits listed as lost or stolen, will be ticketed and towed on sight and owners will be liable for all charges.
  12. Parking Permits are for the use of the registered permit holder only. Permits are not transferable.

Accessible Parking

If you are a Brescia employee, student or volunteer with a Brescia parking hangtag (either reserved or unreserved):

If you require accessible parking, please come to the Business Office (MSJ room 152) and provide evidence that you require accessible parking. Acceptable evidence will be a valid Ministry-issued accessible parking permit in your name or a letter from your medical doctor stipulating that temporary accessible parking is necessary that also clearly states the period during which accessible parking will be required. Brescia will then issue you a Western Accessible Parking hangtag (with an expiry date if the accessibility requirement is temporary) that must be displayed in your vehicle in addition to your Brescia paid parking hangtag.

If you are a holder of a Brescia daily parking pass:

To be able to park in an accessible parking space if you have purchased a daily parking pass, you must have a valid Ministry-issued accessible parking permit in your name displayed in your vehicle.

*Please note that with the appropriate evidence described above, you are able to park in the accessible parking spaces in LOT B (BLUE), located in the front of the Mother St James building (entrance off Western Road) and in LOT C (YELLOW), located behind the Mother St. James building (entrance off Sarnia Road). Although these are in Reserved areas, they are the primary accessible parking spaces on Brescia’s campus and are therefore also open to unreserved permit holders and daily parking pass holders who have appropriate evidence of accessibility needs (as described above).

Parked vehicles that do not comply with the policy outlined above will be ticketed by parking enforcement.