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What can I do with my degree?

A student taking notes in class

This is a very common question and the truth is there isn’t one correct answer.

Your future career journey is determined by many factors, including your area(s) of interest, skills, values, and personal style. Two students in the same program, module or specialization may take all the same classes and go on to do two very different things.

While at Brescia, it’s important to purposefully connect your degree planning with your career planning.

Some careers have gated entry points with specific requirements (i.e. Registered Dietician, Teacher, Lawyer, Doctor), but the benefit of your degree is the multitude of transferable skills and knowledge that you are gaining and are able apply in a vast array of experiences. Your degree at Brescia is helping you develop these skills; skills like: writing, research, the ability to critically think and learn, problem solving, time management, communication, and establishing an informed perspective.

 What can you do with your degree?…anything and everything!


Start your exploration with the Western Degree to Career tool.


You can also try this online Career Coach if you want to explore a particular career area. It provides:

  • Information on wages, employment opportunities, and further education required
  • Economic and employment trends in the geographic area you’re looking to live
  • Career Assessment tool if you’re not sure what you want to do
  • Resume builder tool