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Industry Internship Program


What is the MOS Industry Internship Program (IIP)?

The MOS Internship Program offers students an opportunity to gain practical 8 to 16 months of industry working experience between their third and fourth years of the MOS program.

How do students find an internship?

Companies recruit students and post jobs through The Student Success Centre during the November to July period. These jobs are reserved only for students enrolled in the IIP. Each company selects and interviews its candidates on campus and then makes job offers to the students through The Student Success Centre during the mid-February period and continues into the summer months. In addition to industry job postings, students may find their own employment. These positions must involve degree-related work experience.

Why is the internship 8 to 16 months, instead of 4 months?

Many employers find that this program is better than a traditional co-op program, as it gives the employer a longer time to assess the student and the student is able to work on advanced projects and see them through, from beginning to end. The student feels that they are better motivated and have a well-crystallized plan for their careers after gaining valuable work experience and contacts in the industry.

Who can enroll in the Industry Internship Program?

Any MOS student can enroll in the Program who:

  • Is enrolled in third year
  • Achieved a minimum academic average of 70% in second year
  • Successful completion of Business Administration 2257 before third year
  • Has a clean academic record
  • Applied to the Program through Western Connect (formerly Western CareerCentral).The application process opens in September and closes November 30.
  • Attended an Information Session (pre-register at Western Connect or through the links on the dates below)
  • Attended a Resume/Interview Workshop (pre-register at Western Connect or through the links on the dates below)
  • Has had a resume review and approved by the Student Life Centre (MSJ 119) by November 30
  • Will have 3.5 or more credits remaining following the internship work term
  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Must also obtain a co-op work permit through Western International and a letter from Brescia. Contact the Student Life Centre for details.

Important Dates:

Internship Information Session (Mandatory – attend one)
Overview and Question Period

Thursday, September 19
5pm – 6:45pm
SSC 3022

Monday, October 7
5pm – 6:45pm
SSC 3022

Internship Resume & Interview Workshop (Mandatory – attend one)
Resume Preparation, Cover Letters, and Interviewing Techniques

Wednesday, September 25
SSC 2024

Tuesday, October 15
SSC 2024

  • This credit cannot be included in the number of courses counted toward any degree or program.
  • This is a paid internship experience, and will require the student to pay a course fee (8 months= $750, 12 months= $950, 16 months= $1200).
  • Applying to the program does not obligate you in any way; it is an expression of interest and determination of eligibility to participate. Once you are accepted in the program, there is still no fee. Fees are only charged once a student has successfully accepted an internship.
  • Students are permitted to find their own jobs.  These jobs must be approved by the course supervisor in order to ensure that the position qualifies as suitable internship employment.
  • Work during the internship period is full-time and is considered productive work.
  • Students must obtain special permission from the Course Supervisor to enroll in courses while participating in the MOS Internship Program. All interns will be limited to enrolling in 1 course per academic term (for example – in a 12 month IIP, a student may enroll in a maximum of 1.5 credits – 3 terms x 0.5 credits).
  • As part of the IIP, students are required to:
    • successfully complete the work term
    • submit an employer evaluation
    • submit a written reflection paper
    • complete an oral presentation
    • complete all other assignments as outlined by their Course Supervisor