The Circle Library

Resources at The Circle Library

Resources within The Circle Library are available for loan to Circle members and university staff, faculty and students. The Circle member loan period is two months.

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About The Circle Library

The Circle Library is a special collection of resources that reflect the ethos and interests of The Circle and our members. Built book by book over the past 20 years, we now host over 1500 titles, as well as videos/dvds and magazines on such topics as Spirituality, Ritual, Myth, Feminism, Feminist Theology, Creativity, Ecofeminism & Ecospirituality, Leadership, Biography, and Creativity. We also have an extensive collection of fiction.

What makes our collection especially unique is our status as the only library at Western or the affiliate colleges with only women authors on our shelves. We also recognize the hectic pace of women's lives today, which is why we created an extended loan period of 2 months for our resources. 

Looking for a specific title or author?  Email us to find out if it is on our shelves!