Welcome to The Hive

We are your first stop for any registration, fees and programming questions here at Brescia. We are open Monday – Friday, 8:30am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm. Visit us just off the Living Room, main floor, Mother St. James Memorial Building.
Tel: 519-858-5151
Email: brescia@uwo.ca

This Week’s Top Questions

Where can I find the final exam schedule?
The final exam schedule can be found here. In the event of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, students may be expected to write exams until April 30th. If you have any conflicts that qualify for academic accommodation, please visit the Hive.
How can I receive an Academic Accommodation?
Academic Accommodation is provided for evaluations that are worth 10% or more of your final grade. Students can fill out the accommodation form(s) at The Hive. Students are required to bring in a valid piece of documentation to submit with their request. For more information about what types of documentation are accepted please see the chart below.

Types of Academic Accommodation and Documentation Chart

How do I book an academic advising appointment?
Please contact The Hive to book appointments with Academic, Career or Financial Aid Advisors. The Hive staff are trained to answer the basic level of questions in all areas related to academics, registration, fees and programming. Call or drop by to speak with a Hive staff member to determine if you need an appointment or if we can help you! Call 519-858-5151 or visit The Hive.
Does Brescia Offer Career Advising?
Through the Student Life Centre at Brescia you can better prepare for your future careers. Please come into the Hive during business hours to schedule a career advising appointment or learn more about resources offered in the SLC.
What do I do if I notice an over-payment on my Personal Finance Account?
Your Personal Fee Invoice should read $0.00. Students who have a negative balance would have an over-payment, which may result from a change in course-load and are eligible for a refund via e-transfer. Students are being assessed for their eligibility for a refund, and will be contacted via their student email regarding next steps to receive their funding.

If you have questions or concerns reading your Personal Fee Invoice, please visit the Hive.

How can I enroll in courses for the Summer?
To enroll in Summer Courses, students must first term activate themselves for summer courses. This can be found on Student Center, (right side under Student Services Links > Summer Term Activation). This process can begin on February 1st, and must be done 3 days before summer registration.
Is there financial aid for summer courses?
Students can access OSAP for their summer courses – the Summer OSAP Application is a paper document, available for pick-up in the Hive. Students will submit this form the the Financial Aid Office in the Student Services Building on Western’s campus.

Brescia also offers Work Study during the summer. Students do not need to be in summer courses to qualify for Summer Work Study, but must have indicated they are returning for Fall-Winter 2017-2018 through the Intent to Register process. The Summer Work Study application is live and can be found here.

How do I apply for Graduation?
You must apply to graduate on the Student Center website: student.uwo.ca. Once you login, from the “Menu” select “Self-Service” then “Graduation” – “Apply for Graduation”.
Please follow the onscreen instructions.
The deadline to apply for graduation is April 30, 2017

Alumnae Relations provides a great checklist to ensure you have completed all steps to enjoy your graduation ceremony.

To confirm your eligibility for Graduation, please visit the Hive.

Where can I go if I am feeling overwhelmed and/or experiencing emotional distress?
There are many resources students can choose from; here are a list of services you can access when you need support:

Business Hours:

  1. Psychological Services in the Student Development Centre at Western (room 4100 of the Western Student Services Building)
    Individual Counselling
    Crisis Counselling
  2. Student Health Services at Western (Room 11, UCC)
    The SHS multidisciplinary team includes psychiatrists, physician psychotherapists, and social workers to meet the varying needs of students.
    Counselling is available year round by calling Student Health Services.
  1. Student Wellness Educator (Leanne Bonello at Brescia)
    Case Management portfolio serves Brescia and individual students by coordinating prevention, intervention, and support efforts across campus and community systems to assist at risk students and students facing emotional distress and/or crisis, life traumas, and other barriers that may impede success.
    Good referral: Student experiencing complex issues and significant mental health concerns, sexual violence and/or substance use. Stay tuned for more details!
  1. Rhonda Gilby- Psychologist
    Rhonda offers counselling services one day a week on Brescia Campus.
    $100/session and you get reimbursed through your student health plan.
    519-860-2220 or rgilby@uwo.ca to book an appointment.

After Hours:

  1. CMHA Crisis Support Services at Western Student Health Services (UCC Room 11)
    March 21st– April 20th Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s 5pm-9pm
    This is the same support at the CMHA Crisis Centre on Huron Street.
    This service is available to all Brescia students too!
  1. Mental Health and Addiction CMHA Crisis Centre (648 Huron Street)
    Open 24/7.
    For more information, call 519-434-9191.
  1. Family Service Thames Valley Walk- In Clinic (125 Woodward Ave.)
    Every Tuesday 1:00 pm – 6:30pm
    Drop in counselling.
  1. Good2Talk Post-Secondary Student Helpline (1-866-925-5454)
  2. If you have been sexually assaulted or think you might have been sexually assaulted here is a 24/7 service:
    Regional Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre at St. Joseph’s Hospital
    Room B0-644, 268 Grosvenor StreetLondon
    Business hours:
    (Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) 519 646-6100 ext. 64224
    After hours: 519 646-6100, press “0” and ask switchboard to page the nurse-on-call for sexual assault and domestic violence

Wellness Resources
Mental Health and Wellness Resource Guide

For a full list of frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ page.


Fall/Winter 2016-2017 Course Registration
Information about Fall/Winter Course Registration, and a link to the Fall/Winter timetable can be found here.

Add/Drop Courses
Students can make changes to their Fall/Winter 2016-2017 courses online through their Student Center account using the Add/Drop/Swap functions. The final day to add Full Year or Fall term courses is September 16th. After September 16th, students are no longer able to add Full Year or Fall term courses. The final day to add Winter term courses is January 13th.

After these dates, students may be able to drop courses but will need to complete an Add/Drop Form to do so. Add/Drop Forms are available from The Hive at Brescia, Main Floor, Mother St. James Building. It is your responsibility to be aware of all deadlines associated with adding and/or dropping courses. Important add/drop dates you need to remember are located in the Western Academic Calendar or online at www.registrar.uwo.ca.

December 2016 Exam Period
Study Days: December 8-9, 2016
Exams: December 10-21, 2016

April 2017 Exam Period
Study Day: April 8, 2017
Exams: April 9-30, 2017

Academic Accommodation Requests
Have you missed a test, midterm, or assignment due to medical or other extenuating circumstances? Please visit us in the Hive to submit your supporting documentation and complete the Academic Accommodation Request Form or click here for further information.

How to Access your Personal Timetable
Your personal timetable with room locations is available through your Student Center account.


Intercampus Shuttle Bus
The schedule for the Affiliate Inter-campus Shuttle bus can be found here:
Shuttle Bus Schedule

Parking Passes
An annual or half-term Parking Pass can be purchased at The Hive at Brescia, Main Floor, Mother St. James Building. 2016 Parking Passes are now available but are not valid to use until September 1, 2016. Students can apply for a permit by first filling out the Annual Parking Permit Application.
Daily passes are available at the Welcome Desk (outside auditorium).

Second Installment Fees
Due on December 1, 2016. If you are expecting OSAP, it is your responsibility to cover the balance by this date.

Looking for your student fee information?  Use your UWO login and password to access your personal student invoice.

Failure to pay installments by the deadlines will result in late fees being applied to your account. Late fees are as follows:  full time – $145.00 / part time – $72.50

Health/Dental Opt-Out

The deadline to opt-out of the USC Health and Dental Plan was on September 30th, 2016. Please ensure that you visit student benefits and select University Student Council of Western University.

Official Letters
Request an official letter of verification online!


Fall/Winter Tuition Fees
Fall/Winter Tuition Fees are paid to Brescia University College. Your Fall/Winter tuition balance will be posted on your Brescia Invoice account soon. Please be sure to pay attention to the second installment fee deadline December 1, 2016. The Fall 2016 Fee Schedule is now available here

Personal Fee Invoice
Accessing your personal invoice Personal Fee Invoice will show you all fees that have been billed to your account.

Please refer to your personal fee invoice, and ensure your balance remaining is $0.00. If you notice an over-payment resulting from a change in course-load or changes to your student account, please refer to the Hive to request a refund. To improve our efficiency in processing refunds, we now offer refunds via e-transfer; please ask a Hive attendant more about this process.

Payment Methods
Did you know that the most convenient way for you to pay, through the comfort of your own home, is through ONLINE BANKING. Simply proceed through online banking as you would complete a normal bill payment.  Set up Brescia University College (not Western) as the payee and when asked for your account, simply enter your student account number.  You can then complete the payment process.  It is as easy as that!  The funds are automatically transferred here to Brescia and then applied to your student account.   There are also other payment methods. Please visit the Hive to pay with Cheque, Debit or Cash.

Release Of Student Fee Account Information
Access to your private financial information is something that we take very seriously.  We ask that you ensure you complete the following 2016-2017 Release of Personal Info Form if you would like to give us permission to discuss your student account with someone other than yourself.

2016-2017 Fall/Winter OSAP Application
The full-time OSAP application and 30% Off Ontario Tuition Grant (stand-alone) web applications are available. The part-time OSAP application will be available in early July.
Brescia students are asked to complete their application ASAP to ensure funding is in place by the start of the academic year, and for students relying on OSAP to cover their first installment of fees.

Fee Deferral
Qualified OSAP students will be allowed to defer their payment of tuition and residence fees due in mid-August, until their OSAP funding is released. To qualify you must meet ALL of the following conditions:

  • Applied for OSAP by June 30th or as soon as possible and submitted to Brescia all outstanding OSAP paperwork
  • Selected the option that allows “the Ministry may use a portion of my OSAP funding to pay,on my behalf, my tuition and compulsory fees directly to my school” a question directly on the OSAP application and;
  • Verified that you will be receiving OSAP funding and that your September/January disbursement of OSAP is enough to cover your First/Second installment of fees. If it is not you will need to pay the difference by the appropriate deadline.* Refer here for Brescia’s deadlines.

Admission Scholarships
Learn about our scholarship available to in-coming students.

Upper Year Scholarships
Returning Brescia students may apply for the following scholarships

Brescia’s Work Study Program
Important Dates, Applying, Job Postings, and Timesheet submission for Payroll

Dollars and Cents…
Managing your Educational Expenses

Financial-need based awards
Bursary Opportunities for new and continuing students

All you need to know.

OSAP Loans
Time to begin OSAP Repayment?

Student Engagement

Are you new to Brescia?

Orientation Week
Mark your calendars for September 4-10, 2016 (O’Week). Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become acquainted with the Brescia and Western community, meet new friends, get to know your Professors and participate in exciting events at Western and Brescia.

Soph Peer Mentors
Did you know that every new student has an upper year Soph Peer Mentor for their first year at Brescia? Follow your Sophs on Twitter (@BresciaSophs) and connect through Facebook before you get to campus in September.

Co-Curricular Record
Showcase your Brescia and Western co-curricular experience to future employers through the Co-Curricular Record!

Career Resources
Find valuable career resources for resume and cover letter development, job searching, interview preparation and much more in the Brescia Student Life Centre.


The following is an archive of emails sent to Brescia Students.

Orientation Emails
Orientation – sent August 5, 2016
Orientation – sent August 29, 2016 (Residence Students Opt In)
Orientation – sent August 29, 2016 (Residence Students Opted In)
Orientation – sent August 29, 2016 (Off Campus Students Opt In)
Orientation – sent August 29, 2016 (Off Campus Students Opted In)
Orientation – sent September 1, 2016
Orientation – sent September 2, 2016

Residence Emails
Residence – sent August 5, 2016

Financial Emails
Financial – sent July 28, 2016
Financial – sent July 26, 2016
Financial – sent June 16, 2016
Financial – sent August 5, 2016
Financial – sent September 13, 2016
Financial – sent September 22, 2016
Financial – sent October 5, 2016
Financial – sent November 7, 2016
Financial – sent November 16, 2016
Financial – sent December 2, 2016
Financial – sent January 5, 2017
Financial – sent February 28, 2017
Financial – sent March 7, 2017
Financial – sent March 7, 2017
Financial – sent March 14, 2017
Financial – sent March 27, 2017 –DDEPT students
Financial– sent March 30, 2017
Financial– sent April 3, 2017

Registration Emails
Registration – sent June 13, 2016
Registration – sent March 29, 2017

Student Life Emails
Student Life – sent October 18, 2016
Student Life – sent October 21, 2016
Student Life – sent December 1, 2016
Student Life – sent December 14 2016
Student Life – sent January 9 2016

Wellness Emails
Wellness – Sent March 8, 2017

Student Update Emails
Student Update – sent September 1, 2016
Student Update – sent March 29, 2017