Brescia has launched a “one stop shop” for all student services. Called “The Hive”, students will use this centre as their first stop for any academic, financial or programming questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your hours of operation?
Hive staff are available Monday-Friday from 8:30am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm.

*As of Wednesday March 18, 2020 at 5pm EST, Brescia will shift to a modified services model.  The Hive will be closed to in-person consultation, but can be reached via phone or email, Monday to Friday to 10:00am -3:00pm EST.

2. How do I book an appointment with an Academic Advisor?
Students should contact The Hive to book appointments with Academic, Career or Financial Aid Advisor. The Hive staff are trained to answer the basic level of questions in all areas related to academics, registration, fees and programming. Call or drop by to speak with a Hive staff to determine if you need an appointment or if we can help you! Tel: 519-858-5151, email Brescia@uwo.ca or visit The Hive.

3. I have an appointment with an Academic Advisor, where do I go?
Academic Advisors are located in the lower level of the Mother St. James Memorial Building. If you have a scheduled appointment, please wait for your Advisor in the waiting area on the lower level. If you have to cancel your appointment, call 519-858-5151 or email brescia@uwo.ca.

*As of Wednesday March 18, 2020 at 5pm EST the Advisors are meeting with students through phone appointments ONLY.

4. I need an official verification letter from the university. Where can I go to get this?
Official letters of verification for enrollment, graduation, study permits, R.E.S.P.s, etc. can be requested online here.

5.  Academic Accommodation
How can I receive an Academic Accommodation?
Academic Accommodation is provided for evaluations that are worth 10% or more of your final grade. Students can fill out the accommodation form(s) at The Hive. Students are required to bring in a valid piece of documentation to submit with their request. For more information about what types of documentation are accepted please see the chart below.

What if I cannot get documentation?
For extenuating circumstances, Academic Advisors can grant academic accommodations based on compassionate grounds. For more information, please arrange an appointment with your Academic Advisor through The Hive. 

What is the process for receiving Academic Accommodation?
Students will bring documentation into the Hive where a staff member will have them fill out the Academic Accommodation form(s). An Academic Advisor will receive and process the request. The student will receive an email confirmation from an Academic Advisor. At this time, the student is responsible for arranging the accommodation with their professor.

How do I receive an accommodation for a final exam?
There are various reasons for final exam accommodations including: Personal, Compassionate Grounds, Multiple exams, or Time Conflict. For more information about the types of final exam accommodations please visit Western’s Exam Schedule.

Students are required to bring in valid documentation to The Hive to submit along with their accommodation forms (See Chart). For final exams, students will need to fill out a Special Exam form. Students are responsible for acquiring any signatures needed to complete the form.

What is the process for arranging accommodations with Student Accessibility Services?
Students will need to bring their documentation to The Hive and fill out the Academic Accommodation Form as well as the Accommodated Exams Request Form. Students are responsible for ensuring their instructor and academic advisor sign off on the latter form before submitting it to the Student Accessibility Services Office. Please note: This process is for accommodations only. Students need to arrange the initial exam/test time with the Student Accessibility Services Office. For more information, please visit their website.

How do I request academic consideration?
There are three ways you can request academic consideration:
1) Self-Reported Absence
2) Medical Absence
3) Non-Medical Absence

What can be self-reported?
Any absence (up to 48 hours) for course work worth 30% or less of your final course grade can be self-reported with the exception of the following:
a) Final exams
b) Midterm exams scheduled during the December exam period
c) Final lab examinations scheduled during the last week of the term

How many times can I self-report?
Students are able to submit a maximum of two self-reported absences during the academic year (September-April) and a maximum of one self-reported absence during the summer term (May-August).

How do I self-report?
1) Log in to Student Center
2) Click on the Self-Reported Absence link located on the right-hand side under Student Services Links.
3) Carefully read the instructions and complete the form, indicating each of the courses that you will miss during your absence.
4) Email your instructor(s) following your Self-Reported absence to discuss a new deadline/make-up date.

Do I need to provide documentation for my self-reported absence?
No. Documentation is not required for a self-reported absence. Please see below for when documentation will be required.

What happens if I’ve used my two self-reports?
For absences beyond your two self-reported absences, you must submit an academic consideration request, along with supporting documentation, to The Hive as soon as possible.

Please review the full self-reported absence policy as noted in the Academic Calendar.

Types of Academic Accommodation and Documentation Chart

6. Can I bring my service animal to class with me?
If you have a registered support or service animal, you will need to contact Student Accessibility Services on main campus to register your accommodation with the university. Official documentation which confirms the animal is required will be requested.

What if the animal I wish to bring to class with me is not a registered service animal or I do not have official documentation to support this request?
Only registered service animals are permitted to attend classes.