Ancillary Fees

Part of being a student is having access to a number of valuable services. These services support learning, community, social engagement, leadership development, athletics, recreation and wellness to foster an inclusive and engaging student experience. A breakdown of these services from Brescia University College, Western University, Brescia University College Students’ Council and University Students’ Council can be found below.

Brescia and Western Fees

Please see the planning schedule for further breakdown and fee schedule for more information.
(Please note: these schedules are subject to change)

Brescia University College Student Fees

Brescia Ancillary Fees
Student Wellness and Support Services 
This fee supports Brescia’s case management and crisis support program for Brescia students.

Career Services 
This fee supports Brescia’s range of services and programming to support career exploration and preparation.

Academic Support Services 
This fee supports Brescia’s Writing Support program.

Campus Safety 
This fee supports a safe and responsive campus through partnership with Western’s Campus Police and external security providers.

Cross-campus Shuttle Transit Pass 
This fee supports the shuttle bus service between the Brescia and King’s campuses, ensuring students have safe and reliable transportation between campuses and classes.

Student Activity and Service Space Improvements Fee 
This fee is used to fund improvements to Brescia classrooms and other instructional spaces, including physical and technological improvements, for which Brescia does not receive government operating and capital grants.

Brescia’s Ring Payment Plan 
This fee applies only to students in academic Years 2-4. This is a payment plan to support the award of the Brescia ring at time of graduation. Learn more about the Alumnae Ring at

Student Sponsorship Fund Fee 

This fee supports the continued commitment of Brescia to support students coming from regions in the world in crisis or severe poverty. Brescia partners with organizations such as Daughter’s for Life (reaching students across the Middle East) and Education Matters in Zimbabwe to provide funding for students to attend Brescia. This fund supports their housing and educational supplies.

*Bridging Fee (for all new international and out-of-province students only, not included in total)
This fee supports Brescia’s Bridging program, an orientation and transition program specifically designed for all new international students. The fee covers programming, on-campus accommodation and most meals. The opt-out process is online but separate from other fee opt-outs, and is facilitated directly through the International Program Coordinator; more information is found here. (link to All incoming international students and out-of-province students are encouraged to participate in this program.


Brescia University College Students’ Council Student Organizational Fees

BUCSC Ancillary Fees
Sexual Violence & Campus Safety 
The BUCSC funds training programs for our campus leaders on the fundamentals of campus safety, safeTALK, and sexual violence awareness. BUSCSC also plans an annual Sexual Violence Awareness week.

Campus Improvement 
BUCSC is always working to improve your non-class campus spaces so that you can fully take advantage of and enjoy the variety of activities and services available in these spaces. From maintenance and comfort initiatives in your favourite study spots, to ensuring that your washrooms are always well stocked with feminine hygiene products, we hope to create spaces that are not only useful but well-used.

Career Services
Feel ready to take on the world, and the career of your dreams, with the help of the BUCSC. All year BUCSC brings job fairs, career information sessions, professional panels, and keynote speakers to help students plan their post-graduation path. BUCSC also works with Brescia’s preliminary program and has resources available to help you apply to your dream college/university!

Council Accountability
The BUCSC is Brescia’s heartbeat and there’s a lot of work, planning, and preparation that goes into organizing such an unstoppable team. Your council requires training and team building, an office where they can connect with the students, an opportunity for recognition and morale support within council, and the ability to include supporting and organizing roles within the team! Your council also uses their accountability allocation to ensure a well-stocked office with plenty of prizes to be distributed to the Brescia community. Even when council is taking care of themselves, they’re still taking care of you.

Formal Events
We want you to have the opportunity to have some formal fun at Brescia’s two most famous and anticipated events of the year: Brescia Ball and Wine & Cheese. These events together are what unifies the Brescia community! It’s here that the BUCSC hopes, and works to ensure that, you will make the memories that you carry with you through Brescia and beyond!

Student Representative Programming
Your elected student representatives are hard at work planning not one, but two events each! These events could be student socials, incredible speakers, or anything in between. Have an idea for an event you would like to see happen at Brescia? Talk to your council! We love to hear from you and want to bring you, the students, the events that you want and need!

Campus Community
We want you to be fully immersed in your campus community which includes your professors and administrators. Every year we bring you Faculty Dinner, an opportunity to connect with your peers and professors while enjoying campus spaces and a delicious complimentary dinner. Whether you’re looking to find a thesis supervisor or just get to know your favourite professor a little bit better this is not an event that you want to miss. We also plan some fantastic programming for International Women’s Day. As Canada’s only all-women’s university, we take International Women’s Day very seriously and hope that you will join us as we commemorate the day with speakers, events, and more!

Opportunity Grant
Brescia’s Opportunity Grant is here to support you! Each student is eligible to apply for a maximum of $500 that can be used to subsidize tutoring, send you to that conference you would love to attend, help you with a mental health initiative, allow you to get that certification you need, as well as many other additional opportunities! By opting in you are helping Brescia students have more access to these incredible opportunities, including yourself!

Mental Wellness
The BUCSC cares about you! We want to ensure that there are enough resources set aside to support mental wellness on campus. We plan to ensure our campus is a safe space where mental health is a priority! You can look forward to events such as Bell Let’s Talk Day, Eating Disorder Awareness Day, and de-stressing exam bags. The BUCSC’s wellness commissioner and AVP Student Life will be working together to bring you mental wellness events all year long.

Awards & Grants
The BUCSC understands the financial strain of University and encourages you to apply for one of our many awards. The Students’ Council Awards are given out to deserving individuals in each year of study. The BUCSC Awards are offered for volunteerism, international students and for demonstrating a strong commitment to supporting Brescia students. Each year the BUCSC gives back to over 20+ students like yourself and will continue to emphasize the importance of building community to support students in need.

Awareness & Inclusion
The BUCSC knows how important it is to not only be aware and informed, but also to provide awareness opportunities for students and ensure that campus is an inclusive space. We work to build awareness and inclusion opportunities surrounding pride, cultural diversity, environmental initiatives, and many more! The BUCSC wants you to feel safe and included on Brescia’s campus and, beyond that, to have an opportunity to learn about our unique differences and experiences while we take on the university experience together.

Athletics & Healthy Living
Brescia is known for our incredible flag football team! This is your chance to get to know your peers while you get moving and, hopefully, bringing home that victory for Brescia. Flag football is a Brescia and Western tradition that you won’t want to miss. If flag football isn’t for you that’s okay, our athletic commissioner will be working to bring you athletic and health related events and opportunities throughout the year!

Student Entertainment
The BUCSC wouldn’t be what it is without you, the students! We know how important it is to show our appreciation. That’s why we plan an incredible student appreciation week filled with fun events and freebies! What else? We provide transportation to and from Halloween Haunt every year so that Brescia students can fully engage in the Halloween season. At Brescia we like to finish with a bang so we will also be bringing you Purple Finale/Carnival to close out what we know will be an amazing year!

Traditional Celebrations
You’re not going to want to miss the most widespread and exciting event of each and every academic year: Homecoming! The BUCSC strives to bring you the best homecoming experience every single year. We then carry forward that school spirit and passion into our Baccalaureate celebration where we strive to make each Brescia grad’s experience one to remember. Another incredible BUCSC tradition within this category is the alumnae/i association scholarship; make sure you apply!

Opportunities to be Involved
At Brescia, your voice matters! We want you to be involved. We are working to provide as many opportunities as possible for Brescia students to be engaged on campus including volunteering, attending events, and joining the BUCSC! Look for our volunteer week in September for opportunities to get involved with organizations in the London community as well, attend a RMH baking for the families. Additionally, support causes you are passionate about by connecting with our charity commissioner on charities you’d like to see collaborate with the BUCSC/Brescia community!


Western University Student Fees

Western Ancillary Fees
Campus Recreation
This fee supports campus recreation programs including the operations of Western’s intramural leagues, tournaments, recreational clubs, and fitness wellness programs and drop-in facilities.

Intercollegiate Athletics
This fee supports Western’s competitive sport program including our sports teams and competitive clubs. Remember, your student card gets you free admission to Mustangs home games!

Thompson Recreation & Athletic Centre
This fee supports the costs associated with running the Thompson Recreation and Athletic Centre.

Indigenous Services
This fee supports the programs, resources and supports available through Indigenous Services that support Indigenous student success.

Student Success Centre
This fee supports the programs, resources and supports in the areas of academic support and career development.
     Centre for New Students
     Career Services & Experiential Learning

Student Development Centre
This fee supports the programs, resources and supports in the areas of student learning development and mental health care.

Student Health Services
This fee supports the wellness education programs and resources and the operations of the on campus health clinic.

Western Foot Patrol
This fee supports services related to student safety, including the safewalk service.

*ID Card Fee (not included in total)

Charged to Year 1 and new students only. Cost to produce the Western One student card.

International Student Services
This fee supports graduate and undergraduate students throughout their university careers by providing opportunities to gain intercultural skills and experiences and by creating a diverse and welcoming community at Western. Services support intercultural learning, volunteer opportunities for more than 400 students per year, international student orientation, advising, events and activities, English conversation program, intercultural learning, peer guide program, immigration assistance and more.

Off Campus Housing & Housing Mediation Office
This fee provides:
1) Mediation services to resolve landlord, tenant and roommate conflicts;
2) Access to hundreds of rental listings;
3) A lease review service; and
4) Personal advising from Western staff members to assist with your search for housing.
Opting out of this fee means: you will not have support to ensure the terms of your lease adhere to the Ontario rental law; you will not have mediation services available to assist with resolving conflicts with your landlord and/or roommate; and you will not be able to advertise subletting or sharing your unit via our online listing service.

Services for Students with Disabilities
This fee supports the programs, resources and supports that enhance support for students with disabilities.


University Students’ Council (USC) Student Fees

USC Ancillary Fees
Student Buildings
You can access all spaces operated by the USC: the Mustang Lounge, the Spoke, the Wave, Western Film, and other space in the University Community Centre. Student Building fees are considered essential under the Student Choice Initiative.

Student Recreation Centre Fund
This fee was previously approved through a student referendum to contribute towards the capital and operating costs of the Western Student Recreation Centre.

Academic Support
You can access academic support in a safe and confidential environment where you can discuss University-related problems or concerns through the Ombudsperson. The USC also provides academic support by advocating to the University on student priorities, running the USC Student Appeals Centre and supporting career development opportunities, including job fairs. Academic Support is considered essential under the Student Choice Initiative.

Health and Wellness
You can access additional health and wellness services and support with the USC’s Health Promotions team and the Peer Support Centre, which helps support and educate students on issues involving mental health, social health, substance abuse, campus safety, and sexual violence prevention. These programs also help train campus leaders to assist students in finding the resources they need to support their health and wellness. Health and counselling support is considered essential under the student choice initiative.

Safe Transit Program
You can take the late-night USC shuttle on the weekends and during exams after London Transit Bus services stop to help you get home safely. All full-time and part-time students are eligible to use the shuttle service with their valid Western Student ID. The goal of the safe transit program is to get students home safely after bus service stops at midnight. This fee is mandatory.

Transit Pass
You have access to a 12-month London Transit Bus Pass if you are a full-time undergraduate student at Western. This pass is valid for free unlimited rides, for all stop locations and all hours of operation, seven days a week (including holidays). Transit is considered essential under the Student Choice Initiative.

Health Plan*
You are required to enroll in the health plan through the USC, unless you have existing medical coverage. The plan is specifically designed to supplement provincial health care and meet students’ health care needs, so you can focus on being a student and leave the stress of health coverage to us. The plan covers a range of health care needs, including health care practitioners and prescription drugs. Full details can be found at Unless you have pre-existing health coverage, this fee is considered essential under the Student Choice Initiative.

Dental Plan**
You can enjoy the USC’s dental plan, specifically designed to supplement provincial health care and meet students’ dental care needs. The USC administers the plan so you can focus on being a student and leave the stress of dental coverage to us. If you opt-out of this fee, you will not receive USC Dental Coverage.

*You can opt-out of this fee if you have comparable coverage at
**You can opt-out of this fee via the website.

Government Advocacy
Your voice is heard by Western administration and all levels of government through the USC. The USC advocates for increased supports for students, a safe campus community, and affordable and accessible tuition. Recent advocacy wins include the approval of permanent Fall Reading Week, introduction of a revised medical note policy, allowance of preferred first names on university documents, investment of improved lighting on campus, implementation of LTC express bus routes, and more. If you opt-out, you will limit the USC’s ability to advocate on your behalf and represent your interests to the university and at each level of government on issues like transit, financial aid, academic policies, and mental health supports.

Peer Programs
You can access peer programs that are run by students, for students and that address gaps in support services on campus. We support each student and their unique needs with a diverse set of services which embraces and advocates with a variety of diverse ethnocultural, indigenous, LGBTQ2+, and other marginalized student communities. If you opt-out, you will limit the USC’s ability to provide programming and support services for marginalized students on campus.

Since 1906, the Gazette has covered what matters to students. As Western’s largest student media outlet, we need your help to keep campus informed and entertained. If you opt-out, the Gazette‘s coverage and training for students will be weakened.

Student Refugee Program
You can support student refugees attending Western University in a safe and supportive environment in Canada. This unique program includes academic supports to help with both the resettlement and university experience. If you opt-out, you will reduce the funding available to student refugees through this program.

Marching Band
You can support the tradition and excellence of the Western Marching Band! Established in 1937, they perform at athletic games, parades and festivals and are one of the largest marching bands in Canada. If you opt-out, you will limit the Marching Band’s ability to perform at events and promote school spirit at Western.

Faculty and Affiliate Councils
You can experience exciting events and leadership opportunities with people in your faculty, or affiliate university-college (Huron, Brescia, King’s) by supporting Faculty and Affiliate Councils. These councils host concerts, guest speakers, academic conferences, and more. They also advocate for student needs at a faculty and/or affiliate university-college level. If you choose to opt-out, you will reduce the funding available for your academic faculty or affiliate university-college.

Student Life
You can attend any of the more than 4,000 USC events that take place every year like PurpleFest, BeerFest, Theatre Western performances, Rick’s Wednesdays, concerts, conferences and speaker series. All of these events are part of the vibrant, inclusive student experience made possible through this fee, by the USC. If you opt-out, you may be charged higher ticket prices or have limited access to USC events.

Clubs Administration
You can join any of the almost 200 clubs on campus that offer events, academic support, social networking, and leadership opportunities through the USC’s Clubs System. This fee supports the infrastructure of the system. The easiest way to get involved in clubs is to visit Clubs week in September and talk to our diverse mix of clubs about what they do. If you opt-out, you cannot join clubs at Western.

Radio Western
You can listen to radio content created by Western students and community members through Radio Western, unique in London for its ability to highlight local news and culture. You can also participate in their volunteer training programs and learn more about marketing and promotions, conducting interviews, writing and airing news reports, sports broadcasting, and radio production. If you opt-out, you will limit Radio Western’s ability to cover campus news and provide professional development opportunities in radio to all undergraduate students.

You can help support students with children by providing them with safe, convenient, and accessible childcare on campus. This helps remove barriers to education, enabling more students to attend university. If you opt-out, you will reduce the funding available to support students with children through this program.

Community Legal Services
You can help provide free legal advice and representation to Western students and members of the London community through Community Legal Services. Legal services are funded by Western’s University Students’ Council, Western’s Faculty of Law, the Fanshawe Student Union, Legal Aid Ontario, and the Law Foundation of Ontario. If you opt-out, you will reduce the funding available to support recipients of free Community Legal Services through this program.


Orientation Week Fee

OWeek Fee
This fees covers the on-campus O-Week programing. Brescia and Western Orientation programming is sponsored or funded by the BUCSC and USC. The events and activities have been designed to promote both transition and integration within the Brescia and Western communities. O-Week runs September 1-8 and a full breakdown of information can be found on Western’s O-Week website: This fee is applied to almost all in-coming full-time first year students. These two fees work together to provide the best O-Week experience for our students.