Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

OSAP Documents

Student Signature Pages/Supporting Documents – can be mailed directly to the Financial Aid Office at Brescia, or dropped of in person to the HIVE at Brescia.

Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) – is the only document that should not be submitted to Brescia. This form can be submitted in person to a designated Canada Post Outlet or online through the NSLSC, following emailed directions and using the 10-digit MSFAA number as printed on the form.

*Please be sure to complete the MSFAA form with your banking information, and provide a photocopy of your SIN card, and a photocopy of your driver’s licence/passport with the submission of the document.

More information is available at the Government of Canada website.


The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provides eligible students with various types of assistance based on financial need. This assistance is intended to supplement student and family resources, not to replace it. Although assistance is not based on academic standing, you are expected to maintain satisfactory progress in your studies. For more detailed and up-to-date information on OSAP please visit the OSAP website.OSAP

You can find important and more specific information on OSAP at Brescia on the following pages:


Forgot your Ontario Access Number (OAN) and/or Password
No problem! You can drop by the HIVE at Brescia to have your information reset. You will be required to present two pieces of documents to prove your identity: Proof of Social Insurance Number, and one piece of valid government issued photo ID.
Having a hard time locating Brescia as a school on the the OSAP application?
 You’ll want to complete a “search” under institution: WESTERN UNIVERSITY.  Then in the Program search bar, input Brescia and a complete listing of all programs at Brescia will populate.  Simply select your program and year of registration (1,2,3, or 4) and you’ll automatically have your program listed on your OSAP application.
Do you think that you may have included the wrong program information?
No worries!  The Financial Aid Office at Brescia will be prompted to confirm your enrolment in August and at that time, we’ll make sure that the correct program is listed.
Bursary for Students with Disabilities?
This bursary provides up to $2,000 per academic year for students with permanent or temporary disabilities who require education-related services or equipment, such as tutors, note-takers, interpreters, braillers or technical aids, that are directly related to their disability. If you qualify for this bursary program, please make an appointment with Western’s Student Development Centre for assistance with the application. For more information visit the BSWD page on the OSAP website.