Reviews and Appeals

OSAPStudents are encouraged to review their individual situation with the Financial Aid Officer. You may be able to have your application reassessed due to exceptional circumstances.

These circumstances may include:

  • A breakdown in the family relationship through Family Breakdown and Step-Parent Family Breakdown;
  • Change in parental or spousal income (loss of job, illness, layoff) through Estimated Income for Parents  and Request for Assessment on Estimated Income for Spouse;
  • An inability to work during the summer, could not find employment in the summer, or many other circumstances may be considered through a  Student Fixed Contribution;
  • Adjust Living Allowance – single dependent student who does not live at home during the study period because parent’s home is more than 30km away from school or inaccessible by public transit, or more than one hour by public transit.
  • Adjust Local Travel – if you live more than 30 km from your post-secondary institution OR it takes more than 1 hour by public transit to get to your school OR there is no public transit, you may apply for additional local travel funding from OSAP.
  • Students who have been placed on OSAP Academic Probation or OSAP Academic Restriction must request consideration for additional funding under the OSAP program through an appeal.

Please note this list is not exhaustive. If you feel you are in a situation that requires special consideration that is not listed above, please make an appointment to see Brescia’s Financial Aid Officer by calling The Hive at 519-858-5151 or by email at

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