Paying Your Bill

Important News: The DRAFT Fee Schedule 2020-2021 is now available.

Please note that if you are making any changes to your course registration, that your fees are subject to change and we will continue to update these invoices on an on-going basis

StudentsStudents can refer to our Fee Schedule for tuition/residence fees for the current academic year, and due dates. Tuition/residence fees can be paid in one installment or two. Brescia’s fee schedule does not include additional costs such as books and supplies, late fees, unsealing fees, NSF fees or parking fees.

Students should contact Deb Van Belois at extension 28308 or by email to to discuss any fee issues prior to the first installment payment due date.

Your Personal Invoice

Students can access their Brescia Student Finances Account statement online. Use your UWO username and password to log in.

*For new students, you will not have access to the online statement until fees are posted to your account. We are hoping to have fees soon finalized so that updates are ready by mid July. Do keep checking the website for further updates.*

*If you need to change your address as it appears on your Statement of Account, please email

Payment Options

Online Banking

Students can pay fees online through their bank web site as you would when making a bill payment ( Set up Brescia University College as the payee not the University of Western Ontario) and use your student number as the account number.

E-transfers are not an acceptable method of payment.

Other Payment Methods

We also accept cheque, money order, and debit card. Cheques/Money Orders should be made payable to Brescia University College. Please note that we do not accept e-transfers.


Brescia University accepts international payments through our international payment portal, powered by Flywire. Brescia University has an International Payment Portal to provide you with an easy and secure method to make payments from your home country. This portal allows you to save on bank fees and exchange rates,access multilingual customer support, and track your payment from start to finish, including when your payment reaches our school.



Payment Instructions:
– Go to or click on the button above
– Select your country of origin and choose your preferred payment method
– Follow the instructions provided and track your payment via email/text notifications

For any questions, contact the Customer Support Team at or via other methods here:

Sponsored Students

Third party sponsored students must request their sponsor submit a Sponsorship Letter to Brescia (Attn: Accounts Receivable) prior to the due date of fees guaranteeing the tuition for the academic year. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the fees are paid by the due date.

Higher EdPoints

Students can now redeem their (or family and friends!) Aeroplan loyalty points to use towards their tuition and residence fees! 35,000 Aeroplan Miles = a $250 HighEdPoints credit.  To learn more about this opportunity, please visit .


Scholarships are awarded based on merit (marks). Scholarships are applied directly to student accounts. Students who are eligible for a scholarship may deduct this amount from their first payment. For tax purposes, if you are awarded a scholarship, please supply your Social Insurance Number to the Business Office. Questions concerning eligibility for or amount of an admission or continuing scholarship should be directed to the Brescia Registrar’s Office at 519-858-5151.


OSAP – Students with a course load of 60% (ie. 3 courses or more) are eligible to apply for full-time OSAP funding.  Students should apply online at

Students are encouraged to complete their OSAP application by June 30th, annually. This ensures ample time to process documentation and ensure funding is in place for the start of the school year. Students who plan to attend Brescia University should submit their OSAP documentation directly to The HIVE at Brescia or upload direct to the OSAP site. OSAP inquiries should be directed to the Financial Aid Officer at extension 28382 or emailed to

Before making any course changes, OSAP students are strongly recommended to contact Financial Aid at Brescia to determine the financial implications, if any.


O-Pass Opt-Out

Your “Orientation Pass Fee” is your ticket to all the O-Week activities.  These activities include access to concerts, sporting events and other activities on campus. This Orientation Pass fee can be found in your tuition fee bill through your Brescia Student Finances Account.  If you’d like to choose not to participate in Orientation Week, you can receive a refund of this fee by completing the Opt-out form here.

O-Pass Opt-In

If you are new to Brescia this September and have not been charged an “Orientation Pass Fee” on your student account, you can opt-in to participate! New-to-Brescia students can opt-in to participate in Orientation Week until Friday, September 6 at 4pm. To opt-in, please fill out the O-Pass Opt-In Form. Your eligibility to participate will be assessed during business hours. Please note that by submitting the O-Pass Opt-In Form that the Orientation Pass Fee will be added to your student account. The O-Pass grants you access to Brescia’s 2019 Orientation Week programming, as well as certain Western University Orientation Week programming. The Business Office will be processing changes to student accounts due to opt-ins/opt-outs during the month of September. For more information, please go to the Student Life Centre’s Orientation and Transition page.


USC Health and Dental Plan Opt-Out

Eligible students (full-time or students taking a minimum of 3.5 courses or greater) who are covered under an equivalent extended benefit health care plan (in addition to your standard provincial coverage) may choose to “opt-out” of the USC plan.  This typically applies to students who have previous and continuing health insurance coverage provided by a parent or guardian.  If you choose to opt-out, the fee will be reimbursed and credited to your Brescia Student Finances Account in late October.  To opt-out of these plans, please visit the website and select University Student’ Council of Western University.  Opt-outs can be completed on or before September 23, 2020.