Tuition and Fees

This section contains information about tuition fees, due dates, and payment options. Please note that an invoice will not be mailed to you. Students can check their online tuition account balance here. Students who drop courses or withdraw from the University can view the applicable refund schedules. Please click on the tabs below for information about fees for Full Time and Part Time students.

Consent to Release for Fees and Financial Aid
To provide consent to a third party, please ensure you have updated the release of information section on your student centre account.

Full-time Tuition Fees
Per Full Course
Per Half Course
Per Half Course – International

CANADIAN 2018-2019

YearTuitionAncillary FeesBridging ProgramOrientation FeeID CardUHIPTotal1st Installment2nd Installment
1st year6,723.001,461.70100.0031.008,315.704,483.753,831.95
1st year**6,723.001,461.70375.00100.0031.008,690.704,858.753,831.95
2nd year6,723.001,511.708,234.704,377.753,856.95
3rd year6,723.001,511.708,234.704,377.753,856.95
4th year6,723.001,511.708,234.704,377.753,856.95

CANADIAN - DIPLOMA in Dietetic Education and Practical Training 2018-2019

ProgramTuitionAncillary FeesField Placement FeeTotal1st Installment2nd Installment
Summer Fees 2019**


YearTuitionAncillary FeesBridging ProgramOrientation FeeID CardUHIPTotal1st Installment2nd Installment
1st year28,743.001,461.70375.00100.0031.00624.0031,334.7016,492.7514,841.95
2nd year27,678.001,511.70624.0029,813.7015,479.2514,334.45
3rd year26,653.001,511.70624.0028,788.7014,966.7513,821.95
4th year25,666.001511.70624.0027,737.7014,473.2513,328.45


YearTuitionAncillary FeesBridging ProgramOrientation FeeID CardUHIPTotal1st Installment2nd Installment
1st year34,474.001,461.70375.00100.0031.00624.0037,065.7019,358.2517,707.45
2nd year32,012.001,511.70-624.0034,147.7017,646.2516,501.45
3rd year29,725.001,511.70-624.0031,860.7016,502.7515,357.95
4th year27,602.001,511.70-624.0029,737.7015,441.2514,296.45
YearTuitionAncillary FeesTotal1st Installment2nd Installment
1st year1,344.60188.171,532.77766.39766.39
2nd year1,344.60198.171,5,42.77771.39771.39
3rd year1,344.60198.171,5,42.77771.39771.39
4th year1,344.60198.171,5,42.77771.39771.39
YearTuitionAncillary Fees* UHIPTotal1st Installment2nd Installment
1st year5,748.60188.17624.006,560.773,592.392,968.39
2nd year5,535.60198.17624.006,357.773,490.892,866.89
3rd year5,330.60198.17624.006,152.773,388.392,764.39
4th year5,133.20198.17624.005,955.373289.692,665.69
MOS-1st year6,894.80188.17624.007,706.974,165.493,541.49
MOS-2nd year6,402.40198.17624.007,224.573,924.293,300.29
MOS-3rd year5,945.00198.17624.006,767.173,695.593071.59
MOS-4th year5,520.40198.17624.006,342.573,483.292,859.29
YearTuitionAncillary FeesTotal
1st year672.3094.09766.39
2nd year672.3099.09771.39
3rd year672.3099.09771.39
4th year672.3099.09771.39
YearTuitionAncillary Fees* UHIPTotal
1st year2,874.3094.09624.003,592.39
2nd year2,767.8099.09624.003,490.89
3rd year2665.3099.09624.003,388.39
4th year2566.6099.09624.003,289.69
MOS-1st Year3,447.4094.09624.004,165.49
MOS-2nd Year3,201.2099.09624.003,924.29
MOS-3rd Year2,972.5099.09624.003,695.59
MOS-4th Year2,760.2099.09624.003,483.29

A teacher working with a student

**Based on year 4 fees for three half intersession courses. Please refer to Western’s Summer Fee Schedule and Western’s Summer Ancillary Fee Schedule.

Payment Deadlines for 2018-2019

  • First installment: Due August 13, 2018
  • Second installment*: Due December 01, 2018

*Special consideration may be granted to those students who are unable to meet the second installment fee deadline of December 01, 2018. In order to be considered, students must visit the HIVE prior to this date. Failure to do so may result in the application of late fees to your account.

Useful Links


UHIP Information for students from other Canadian Provinces

The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is for students who are not covered by a Provincial Health Plan.   It covers physician fees, medical exams required by the physician, hospital stays, repatriation among others.

Students from other Canadian provinces who are covered under the Provincial Health Plan of their home provinces are NOT eligible for UHIP.  Please check with the Ministry of Health of your home province to learn about your health coverage while a student in Ontario.

Students and their dependents who are not covered under their Provincial Health Plan are required to enroll in UHIP for 3 months.  Dependents must be enrolled within 30 days of arriving in Ontario to avoid a late penalty fee of $ 500.00.

Students not covered under their Provincial Health Plan should also apply for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) shortly after arriving in Ontario.  Information on how to apply is found at .  If you are not eligible for OHIP, you will receive a letter indicating why you are not eligible.  Present this letter to Vicky Scott, Brescia University College, to extend your UHIP coverage beyond 3 months.

To enroll for UHIP send an email, with your student name and number, to Vicky Scott.

To enroll dependents for UHIP, please proceed to Human Resources Room 5100 Support Services Building between 8:30-4:00 Monday to Friday.  Bring along your Western ID card, passports of your dependents and proof of arrival date in Ontario (plane ticket, boarding pass).

Important Notes

  • Bridging Program fee is mandatory for 1st year International students and Canadian or Permanent Residents who reside outside Canada
  • Fees quoted are subject to change without notice
  • For a breakdown of Ancillary Fees click here.