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A Women’s University for
Changing the world.

For over a century, Brescia’s unique programming and empowering all-women’s environment have been the launching pad for today’s most inspiring women leaders. And, we’re only just getting started…

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Affiliated with
Western University

Graduate with a Western University Degree with all the exclusive benefits of our Brescia community.

Brescia’s affiliation with Western University means you will have access to countless courses across four campuses. You will meet students from around the world, and take part in every facet of a traditional, large scale university.

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A distinctive education. An empowering environment. Limitless opportunities to lead. A bold future. This is what awaits you at Brescia at western University.
Will you Lead Your Way?

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Network of Bold Alumnae Worldwide
Affiliated with Western University

Bold Stories

At Brescia we are always reminded that it doesn’t matter what people say, if you believe that you can and you put in the work, then you can  do it. It’s also the support that’s on campus.

Birabwa Birungi Serumaga
Psychology Honours Specialization

One of the most special aspects of Brescia is that it really teaches every woman to become a leader. Whether you want to lead yourself or become a leader of others, Brescia calls women to their purpose and helps them deliver on it with workshops, career and academic supports, and programs that reflect our unique power.

Huiwen Lu
Honours Specialization in Nutrition & Dietetics

The experience at Brescia has been very welcoming, everyone has been super inviting and especially being able to be here and just knowing that people will support me has been great. The best thing about Brescia for me is the community.

Jordynn Bryan
Management & Organizational Studies with a Double Major in Consumer Behavior & Psychology

I think the biggest thing I learned from Brescia is that there are no boundaries. You really can accomplish the things you put your mind to. Best of all, with the type of bold network you build at Brescia, you will always have people there to support you, you just have to ask.

Julia Hou
Food and Nutritions

Student support

We don’t just talk about diversity and inclusion, our students, faculty and staff make the effort to live these values every single day. International students contribute significant value to our campus and we are proud to create warm, welcoming and safe experiences for women who want to pursue a prestigious education.

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Women's Universities VS Co-ed Universities

Women’s university graduates succeed in entering a range of career fields and graduate programs, regardless of their undergraduate major.
More likely to volunteer
More likely to complete a graduate degree
More likely to be involved in academic clubs and extracurricular activities
Feel certain their university prepared them for their first job
Feel better equipped for life after school
Believe the financial investment in their education was worthwhile

Live Well at Brescia

Women deserve to feel safe and comfortable in their homes and on their campus. At Brescia, we pride ourselves on creating safe spaces where women can do and be their best.

Campus Safety
World-Class Food
Luxury Residences
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