Brescia University


The ability to exchange information and meaning across cultures, space, and time appropriately and correctly. This competency includes oral, written, and interpersonal communication, and the ability to use current or innovative media.

Communication is the essential skill you need to share your ‘voice’ and work well with others. In many ways, this Competency is the foundation of all the others: we need to be able to communicate to do almost any task in our day-to-day lives.

At Brescia, effective communication is more than just writing or speaking: it’s also listening to others and being able to adjust your message to fit the situation. As a result, you’ll practise Communication in almost every course at Brescia, whether you’re having a seminar discussion, completing course readings, or writing a report. Communication is one of the top skills that prospective employers are looking for, which is why we build in so much practice over the course of your degree.

Good leaders are effective communicators: they balance listening to others with speaking themselves

Many campus departments can help you develop the Communication Competency, but your first stop should be your professors. They’ll help you learn the different methods of communication in your disciplines and future professions. The Writing Centre can help in many ways (even in French!) while the Beryl Ivey Library can help you with finding sources and formatting citations.