Brescia University

Critical Thinking

The ability to engage in thinking characterized by the rational, informed, independent, and open-minded exploration of issues, ideas, and events before accepting or formulating a conclusion.

Critical Thinking is one of the most important skills you will acquire during your university degree. Critical thinkers are able to set their personal opinions aside when making a decision. Instead, this Competency helps you look for relevant evidence on both sides of an argument, and then weigh that evidence to decide the best course of action.

Your professors and staff leaders will help you learn and practise critical thinking throughout your university degree. Course readings are an essential part of this learning experience, as they’ll expose you to different ways of thinking. You’ll have a lot of practice to develop different arguments through in-class discussion, seminars, and assignments that may take you outside the class. Critical Thinking is an important skill for your future: effective leaders are able to put their emotions and biases aside when working with others to make decisions.

Effective leaders are able to think critically and make objective decisions.

If you’re having trouble with a critical thinking exercise, talk to your professors! They’re experts in this Competency and are happy to help you learn this important way of thinking.