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Inquiry & Analysis

The ability to ask questions, examine issues, and reach informed conclusions by breaking down complex issues, exploring evidence, and describing relationships among persons, things, or events.

Inquiry & Analysis is the skillset you need to answer meaningful questions – in many ways it’s the ‘curiosity’ competency. It empowers you not to take things at face value; instead, you’ll learn to stop and ask questions, gather and use evidence, and then draw conclusions. You will use Inquiry & Analysis to navigate today’s ever-changing world: do you know where to find information you can trust?

You will practise Inquiry & Analysis through many of your course assignments, whether it’s during labs or when you’re writing a research paper. You’ll continue using Inquiry & Analysis long after you graduate: when you’re deciding how to vote; choosing a house to buy; or solving problems at work, to name just a few.

Inquiry & Analysis empowers you to find answers for yourself – don’t wait for others to find them for you.

If you need help with Inquiry & Analysis, the Beryl Ivey Library offers many services and resources, including consultations with the Librarians, Research Guides and the Clever Researcher blog. Your professors also play a big role in helping you learn to inquire and analyze, so talk with them. After all, they’re the experts in your discipline!