Student and faculty talking in classroom

Self Awareness & Development

The ability to draw meaning, knowledge and value from honest and fair reflection and self-evaluation. Students are able to recognize their emotions and patterns of thinking, their impact on others, and make a commitment to personal growth.

Brescia’s Ursuline heritage is an important part of educating you as a whole person: throughout your degree you will be taught to know yourself and recognize your unique contribution to the world. This Competency also encourages you to make a commitment to lifelong learning.

Self Awareness & Development is learned both inside and outside your Brescia classrooms: you’ll practise this Competency in seminar discussions, writing reflection papers, or any time you have to overcome a setback. Self Awareness & Development is also important when you’re working with others, whether now or in your future careers. At Brescia, effective leaders know their strengths and use them to collaborate with and encourage others.

Self-aware and developing students are able to self-reflect honestly, accept responsibility for their actions, and ask: ‘what do I contribute?’

Learning Self Awareness & Development is a journey, and many of our campus partners are here to help you along the way: your professors can help you set educational goals, while our Professional Mentorship Program helps you prepare for your transition into the workforce.