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Social Awareness & Engagement

The ability to respect and be open to diversity (e.g. cultural, religious, political) and social justice. Students take personal responsibility to actively engage in and contribute to creating positive change in local, regional, national, or global communities and societies.

Brescia’s Ursuline heritage emphasizes the importance of collaborating with others and seeing things from different perspectives. This skill is needed so that we can make a difference in the world around us. Social Awareness & Engagement teaches you to respect and empathize with the diverse people and cultures that make up your communities – whether here at Brescia, in your future careers, or in the world. Socially engaged students are able to develop solutions for different societal problems and issues.

Social Awareness & Engagement is learned in almost every class you will take: you’ll work with classmates from around the globe and discuss the important issues related to your discipline. Assignments like presentations, research projects or case studies will help you learn to see the world from diverse perspectives. Social Awareness & Engagement will serve you throughout your life, both as a contributing member of society and as a future leader.

Learning how to see the world through other people’s eyes is an essential aspect of the Brescia experience.

There are many opportunities to actively contribute to social engagement at Brescia: consider joining a club, participating in study abroad, or volunteering. Be sure to meet Brescia’s amazing international students, too, by attending any of our Student Connector events.