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The ability to make decisions or choose actions based on the consistent application of principles expressing fundamental values that are accepted on account of reason or spiritual insight.

Brescia believes in the education of the whole person, and Valuing helps you be the kind of person you think you should be. This Competency asks you to identify your values and learn how and where to act on them. We live in a diverse society where we need to make decisions that can challenge our beliefs; it’s also important to work respectfully with others who may disagree with us. Valuing asks you to consider your opinions and decide how to incorporate them into your actions.

You will learn Valuing in the classroom when discussing ethical issues during seminars, case studies, or research papers. Valuing is also learned through the important discussions you’ll have during class or office hours, or with your friends. Choosing whether to act based on your beliefs is an important part of leadership: effective leaders have to decide what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’, both for themselves and the group they are working with.

There are many campus experiences that will help you discover your values and develop this important competency. Make sure to attend office hours with your professors to really explore some of the ethical issues that you’ll be introduced to in class. Campus Ministry, meanwhile, supports students of all faiths with events like Spirituali-Tea.

Valuing is about reconciling your actions with your beliefs