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Diversity & Inclusion

Our diverse student voices are what make Brescia strong. We are committed to learning, listening and growing as a University to ensure a safe place on Brescia’s campus.

King's/Brescia Joint Principals' Anti-Racism Working Group

The King’s/Brescia Joint Principals’ Anti-Racism Working Group has been established to better understand our campus climate—particularly from the perspective of ethno- cultural, indigenous people  and racialized groups—and to make recommendations that aim to make the King’s and Brescia campuses safer, more respectful and more equitable environments in which to study, research, work and live.

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Student Resources:

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    Brescia’s Student Code of Conduct

    Know your rights at Brescia and understand that racism is not tolerated on our campus. Always reach out to a trusted staff member if you have any questions or need help.

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    Ontario Human Rights Commission

    Understand your rights in Ontario and know that the province recognizes that racism exists and the province stands against it.

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    Student Life Centre’s Health and Wellness Support at Brescia

    We know the situations occurring around the world and the systemic injustices take a toll on your Mental Health and Wellness. Remember we have services at Brescia that will support you when you are feeling overwhelmed.

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    Basic Tips For Your Wellness

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    Reach Out

    Contact Lissette Ochoa, Special Advisor to the President on Diversity & Inclusion at Brescia for resources that are meant to empower you as a Black student. There are many webinars, panels, and tools online to support you. Additionally, Lissette will connect you to organizations such as:

    • Black Youth Helpline – Focuses on the education, health and community of Black youth as students of colour.
    • Federation of Black Canadians – Gives Black youth and people of colour a voice while inviting them to join a movement happening in Canada regarding representation and involvement across all systematic levels.
    • Black Lives Matter – Join in the fight against white supremacy and racism both locally and globally through powerful intervention opportunities. 
    • Black Health Alliance – Provides resources centred around overall health for Black youth and individuals.
    • Harriet Tubman Community Organization – Focuses on the learning and growth of Black individuals through the creation of innovated programs that can support Black youth.
    • The Most Nurtured – Focusing on the holistic wellbeing of Black individuals offering panels yoga sessions and a safe space for Black people.
    • Black Women in Motion – Empowering Black women and supporting them in leading successful lives.
    • Caribbean African Canadian Social Services – Works to strengthen services for Black individuals in Canada.
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    Multi-Cultural Club and Agents of Change at Brescia

    Connected with the Brescia University College Students’ Council and our Special Advisor to the President on Diversity & Inclusion, we are currently working to bring back this club. The Multi-Cultural Club will highlight education, culture and diversity. This allows students of colour an opportunity to lead, be heard and have a safe space at Brescia.

    Agents of Change will raise awareness of racism on campus while hosting programs and activities to amplify the voices of all students of colour at Brescia.

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Cultural Clubs at Western

Connect with students from similar backgrounds to build strong communities on campus with some of these clubs at Western. See a for a more extensive list of Clubs and Organizations at Western on the Western Clubs & Associations page.

Community Organizations to Make a Difference

If you are looking to get involved beyond campus, there are community groups within the City of London you can get involved with to make a difference, spread education and awareness. Our Special Advisor to the President on Diversity & Inclusion can share more with you, but here are three strong organizations to get involved with:

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    LUSO Community Services

    This organization has a Multi Cultural Outreach program that increases education and awareness on culture and diversity. If you wish to support other youth in the community, reach out to Leroy to ask to volunteer and make a difference.

    Contact Leroy Hibbert

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    Congress of Black Women (London Chapter)

    he congress hosts workshops, community events, educational activities and other festivities to celebrate culture. Reach out to get involved in supporting their programs and festivals in the community.

    Contact Vilma Francois Contact Norma Lyttle Chicoine

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    Canadian Latin American Association

    Hosts cultural workshops and events to spread diversity and knowledge on the Latin American culture. They are in need of volunteers yearly.


Books by Black Authors

These books will enhance our knowledge and empower you. They will give you tools to continue the fight. Knowledge is power.

  • The Isis Papers: Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
  • Becoming: Michelle Obama
  • Small Doses: Amanda Seales
  • A Journey through my life: Yvonne Brown
  • The Skin we’re in: Desmond Cole
  • Post traumatic slave syndrome: By Joy Degruy
  • Being Brown: Rosemary Brown
  • Policing Black Lives: Robyn Maynard
  • Powernomics: Claud Anderson
  • Until we are free: A collection of essays and poetry.
  • The New Jim Crow: Michelle Alexander
  • The unapologetic guide to Black mental health: Navigate an unequal system. Learn tools for emotional wellness and get help you deserve: Rheeda Walker PHD
  • The Destruction of Black Civilization: Chancellor Williams

Black Female Leaders

  • Angela Marie MacDougall: @angela_marie_1223
  • Cicely Blain: @Cicelyblainconsulting
  • Denise Goldberg: @djdenise35

Learn About Canadian Black History

We know Black students may have feelings of fear reaching out to police during these times, but if you have become a victim of a hate crime, or are experiencing discrimination, please report to the London Police. If you need support please contact our Lissette OchoaSpecial Advisor to the President on Diversity & Inclusion.