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Shifting Perspectives

Since our establishment in 1919, Brescia University College has been committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for our bold community. The voices and varied backgrounds of our students, faculty and staff are not only valued, but help shape and advance the mission and vision of the University.

Yet, while Brescia is proud to be the home to leaders from across the world, we recognize that many still face racism and prejudice in their daily life – including members of our community, while they are on campus. We also recognize that we, as a University, still have work to do – particularly in listening to, learning from and empowering the voices of ethno-cultural, Indigenous people and racialized groups.

To better inform our community to be conversant regarding issues of implicit bias, systemic racism and discrimination across gender, age and race, the University is actively pursuing multiple educational and hands-on learning opportunities – including becoming the inaugural partner of Shifting Perspectives. 

What is Shifting Perspectives? 

Shifting Perspectives is a five-session education program, which asks individuals and organizations to come together and directly address racism. The course, run by a team of experienced facilitators, has a sole focus on anti-racism, which delves deeper into how racism shows up and manifests itself in the workplace. By exploring the topic of race exclusively and learning through moments of discomfort, the Shifting Perspectives team is able to shift organizations towards developing further anti-racist attitudes and practices.

To learn more about Shifting Perspectives, please contact Lissette Ochoa, International Program Coordinator and Special Advisor to Principal, Diversity and Inclusion, or visit the Shifting Perspectives website.


Jessica Patterson“Talking about racism, especially how it impacts the Brescia community can be uncomfortable.  However, after participating in the Shifting Perspectives Anti-Racism Education Program I can say with confidence that I feel empowered to challenge my unconscious biases and privileges so that I can deliberately practice anti-racism actions every day. It should be the responsibility of everyone at Brescia, including staff, faculty and administration to learn about how to address racism so that we can inspire our graduates to lead in social justice initiatives to make it easier to talk about racism at any time and in any situation.” - Jessica Patterson, Senior Academic Advisor


Emma Douglas“It’s hard to put into words the impact this course has had. I started the course as someone who shied away from the topic of racism and left the course as someone who came face to face with: history I didn’t know and hadn’t sought to learn; privilege and unconscious biases I had been carrying; and the desire and need to do better. The one word I left the course with was empowered – empowered to continue my own learning and empowered to be an ally and accomplice.” - Emma Douglas, Senior Academic Advisor

Kaitlin Cole“Shifting Perspectives Anti-Racism training was a safe place to learn. The small class size made it easy to feel comfortable learning—at times—uncomfortable material. Every class provided you with valuable information that can be tailored to your everyday life (whether that be work, family or personal). The facilitators did a great job delivering course content and examples that were applicable to our everyday work. This training session would be for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and explore the issues of racism further.  Thank-you for allowing myself to view these topics through a different lens.” – Kaitlin Cole, Preliminary Year Advisor


Caitlin Core“The Shifting Perspectives course not only provided a deep history and background on racial inequality and prejudice, but also presented concrete ways on how to actually be an ally. The course facilitators delivered content that was quite heavy and sometimes difficult to discuss, but managed to do so in a way that encouraged participants to share their feelings and insights - and grow in moments of discomfort. Throughout the ten-week course, I not only learned so much about the history and impact of racism and inequality in Canada, but about myself and ways that I can challenge inequality to become a better ally for Brescia’s community and beyond.” – Caitlin Core, Communications, Marketing and External Relations Officer