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ALT Center Consultations

The ALT Centre offers confidential individual consultations to faculty or staff members or departmental consultations on a wide variety of learning and teaching topics. Some reasons to request a consultation include: lesson design, writing learning outcomes, questions about the Brescia Competencies, creating student assignments, etc. Support is also available for programs undergoing IQAP undergraduate program reviews.

Whether you’re a new instructor or a seasoned professional, consultations are the best place to start!

For faculty interested in a formal teaching evaluation, the ALT Centre offers structured, confidential evaluative teaching consultations which involves:

  1. A pre-meeting to establish evaluation goals
  2. At least one teaching observation by an ALT Centre staff
  3. A post-observation meeting to develop a brief and manageable learning plan
  4. A final meeting to reflect on the results of your learning plan

Teaching evaluations are ideal for instructors looking to build their portfolios or for those seeking feedback on a specific teaching concern or question. Evaluations are optional and available for your professional development. Discussion and results are kept private between you and your ALT partner. 

Individual Consultations

Staff member speaking to a student.

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Departmental Consultations

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