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Brescia Faculty Institute

Our Faculty Institute Days offer professional development related to teaching and learning for all Brescia instructors, including contract faculty and instructional staff.

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Fall 2020 Brescia Faculty Institute 
Teaching in Uncertain Times

Over the summer, Brescia's teaching community has rallied together. We've designed our first online courses and made contingency plans for face-to-face classes. We've wrestled with new technologies and celebrated personal firsts. Now, on the eve of an unprecedented fall term, we have a moment to ask: what will teaching be like this year?

Join the ALT Centre for our first-ever online Brescia Faculty Institute. Using an 'unconference' format we'll explore the teaching and learning questions most on our minds. Our goal is to provide one another with encouragement, resources, and support for teaching in uncertain times.

Read on to learn more about unconferences and learn how to make suggestions for BFI Breakout Sessions.


Date Wednesday, August 26, 2020  
Time 10:00am to 12:00pm (noon)  

Live via Zoom. Passcode required;  to request code.


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Passcode required. Email to request code.

What's an 'Unconference'?

Unconference' agendas are generated by the participants. While unconferences take many forms, our BFI will be an online Zoom conference. Our goal for the BFI is to help you connect with colleagues facing similar uncertainties, share resources and strategies, and celebrate all that you've learned this summer.

We will prepare the BFI agenda in two stages: 

  1. Suggest Breakout Session Topics using our Google Jamboard ahead of the BFI.
    You have until Monday, August 24, to suggest room topics. See instructions below.
  2. Live Agenda Planning will take place at the beginning of the BFI, once again using Jamboard. 


Proposed BFI Unconference Schedule

10:00am Gather and welcome  
10:05am to 10:25am Plan BFI Sessions  
10:30am to 11:00am Breakout Session A  
11:00am to 11:10am Coffee Break  
11:10am to 11:40am Breakout Session B  
11:40am to 12:00pm Debrief  


Suggest Breakout Room Topics

Unconference breakout sessions are yours to define. Please suggest Breakout Session topics using our Google Jamboard. Instructions are posted on the Jamboard itself, or you can watch the video demonstration below.

Uncertain about room topics? The purpose of this BFI is to help you know where to turn when teaching in uncertain times. Breakout rooms could discuss:

  • Specific situations (e.g. What do I do if ________?)
  • Resource needs (e.g. Does anyone have a ______?)
  • Celebration moments (e.g. Look what I learned!)

Watch the Jamboard Demonstration below


Help Organize: Volunteer as a Breakout Facilitator

Online conferences rely heavily on the kindness of strangers. Please indicate (in the Jamboard or your registration form) if you're willing to serve as a Breakout room faciliator. Your duties would include:

  1. Screen-sharing the agenda with breakout room attendees
  2. Taking notes of the discussion
  3. Monitoring chat

 Join the Unconference

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Passcode required. Email to request code.