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Learn to Teach Online

Getting started

Explore these self-guided resources to quickly learn how to teach online. 

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    Community and Connection First

    Online or in-person, the Ursuline model of education remains the same: Brescia courses should make students feel seen, heard, and valued.

    So, on this page we look at strategies for building classroom community, even in an asynchronous, online course.

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    Choose Assessments

    Considering Brescia's focus on outcomes-based education, we recommend choosing assessments straight from your learning outcomes.

    Explore these resources for the do's and don'ts of online assessment.

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    Request an OWL Template

    Why reinvent the wheel?Brescia has beautiful OWL templates ready so you can concentrate on what matters most: teaching.

    Visit this page for the ALT Centre's OWL tutorials and related resources.

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    Create Your Lessons

    Consider how students learn online when building your lessons. Strategies like chunking and sequencing content can help students succeed in the online learning environment. 

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    Check Accessibility

    Accessibility in online learning has more than one meaning. Do students know what to click on, and when? Are your documents and videos accessible for students with disabilities?

    Review the content on this page BEFORE you start classes and save yourself a lot of time later.

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    Teaching Online

    Your courses have started. Now what? We talk about day-to-day course facilitation and creating a weekly rhythm here.  

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