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Carmelle Murphy Award of Distinction

The Carmelle Murphy Award of Distinction was established in 2001 in honour of Carmelle Murphy (’51) in recognition of her dedicated service to Brescia University College.


Recipients of the Carmelle Murphy Alumnae Award of Distinction must:

  • Be a graduate of Brescia University College and be celebrating a milestone reunion in 2023 (graduated from Brescia ending in a year of 3 or 8).
  • Be available to attend the award presentation on the Sunday of Homecoming.

Nomination Criteria

Achievement in Field
  • Why is this nominee deserving of this award? What is her greatest accomplishment?
  • Is the nominee recognised by her peers and the general population as having reached a high level of accomplishment or expertise in her field?
Contribution to the Development of Individuals
  • How have others been enriched or enabled by virtue of exposure to or by influence of the nominee?
Contribution to the Community
  • Has the nominee been a catalyst for substantive, new or existing programs or services? And, has she shown a commitment to service within her community? Give a description of her volunteer work and her motivation. Describe how her community has benefited from her work.
Other Outstanding Characteristics
  • State how the nominee has been recognized by her peers, including any special awards she has received. Add any additional comments you have, which make this nominee distinctive, including any obstacles she overcame to realise her achievements.
  • Name three strengths about this nominee that are indicative of her leadership abilities in her community and provide some examples.
Role Model
  • Describe how the nominee has demonstrated her ability to be a role model for others in the various aspects of her life. How does she typify the values and strengths of Brescia?

How to Apply

Completing this form is only the first part of the nomination process. After submitting the nomination form, you will be contacted to arrange the submittal of the following documents:

  • Nominee’s resume
  • Supporting documents, e.g. letters of support (maximum five pages)

Nominations for 2023 are NOW OPEN and will close on April 30. 
Any nominations received after the closing date will be forwarded to the following year.

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Past Winners

  • 2022: Penny Rintoul '87
  • 2021: Nicole Ewing ’01
  • 2020: Mandi Fields, ’95
  • 2019: Erin Rankin Nash ’84
  • 2018: Sara Francolini, ’83 
  • 2017: Mary McGrath, ’57
  • 2016: Wilma de Rond, ’81
  • 2015: Patricia Pettigrew, ’55
  • 2014: Mary Kay Kelly, ’57 and Nora Newton, ’57
  • 2013: Ann Hawkins, ’63
  • 2012: Susan Horvath, ’77
  • 2011: Dr. Stephanie Atkinson, ’68
  • 2010: Joan Francolini, ’55
  • 2009: Marlene Wyatt, ’71
  • 2008: Dr. Beryl Ivey, ’47
  • 2007: Patricia Charles, ’58
  • 2006: Franca Fortner, ’68
  • 2005: Dr. Elsa Marziali, ’68
  • 2004: Dr. Marlene MacLeish, ’68