Group of alumnae reconnecting on Brescia campus

Brescia Connected

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Since its founding 1919, Brescia University College has displayed a passion for the creation of a strong community. That sense of community extends beyond our students and physical campus but also includes our bold alumnae around the world. 

More now than ever, we see the importance of reconnecting with ones community and reaching out to help build those lifelong relationships. In an effort to help foster the continued growth of the Brescia community, throughout the year we will encourage our alumnae to take a moment and reconnect with Brescia - be that with a fellow alumna, a current or prospective student or a recent graduate.

How Can I Help Build Community at Brescia?

As we prepare for our 2020 Virtual Homecoming, we encourage all of our alumnae to reconnect with a fellow aluma or a favourite staff or faculty member on campus that you have not spoken to lately. University allows you to meet so many interesting people, but life happens and these relationships get lost over time. 

Who are some people that you always thought would always be in your life,
but you haven't spoken to in ages?

  • Your first year roommate in residence
  • That professor who was always available for your questions
  • Your favourite Soph during Orientation Week
  • A staff member that went above in helping you out
  • Someone you got to know through Students' Council

Need help locating someone? Contact Alumnae Relations and we'd be happy to help!