Student presenting in a board room.

MOS Consulting Course Experience

Professor Heather Hallett, is searching for partners to work with teams of upper year students on a capstone academic course project. 

The course will begin in January 2022 and will conclude in early April 2022. In order to determine if your organization would be a good fit for the course, read below for more information.

Course Overview

In the MOS Field Project course, student teams will interact with the management of a client organization on issues of strategic importance. The course will require students to complete one consulting engagement where they will be responsible for conducting research, analyzing information and providing recommendations to their client.

Students in the final year of any MOS program at Brescia are eligible to register in the course. These students have a general management background as well as more specialized knowledge in one of Accounting, Consumer Behavior, Food Management and Marketing and Nonprofit Management.

Students will be guided and supervised by an experienced faculty member throughout the process. In addition to providing students with an opportunity to apply their management knowledge and skills, organizations will benefit from the objective analysis and creative solutions the students will deliver in a final presentation.

Client Commitment

Students participating in the consulting engagement will have limited to no professional experience.  As such, the consulting project will be a unique learning experience for the students.

Clients are expected to be available:

  • To present an overview of their organization and the project issues during class time in January or February;
  • For weekly (30 minutes maximum) conference or phone calls as needed; and
  • For final student presentations in early April.

Clients also invited to contribute to the evaluation of student.

Past Projects and Project Ideas

Past projects have involved both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Projects have ranged in scope and could include:

  • New product/service feasibility;
  • Market expansion assessment;
  • Relocation analysis;
  • Growth strategy development; and
  • System assessment (reporting, accounting, training, budgeting, etc.).


If you have any questions about the opportunity or have a potential project in mind, please connect with Professor Heather Hallett using the form below.