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Alumnae Community Conversation

Thursday, October 19, 2023
7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Room 2001, Academic Pavilion
Virtual attendance is also available


Following Brescia’s most recent announcement, we have heard from many of our alumnae. In response to your questions, concerns and wishes, we would like to come together in person with the option to attend online if distance is an issue. During the meeting, Shirley Gelinas ’84, Alumnae Association President, will be joined by Brescia’s Director of External Relations. We will do our best to address your most pressing questions – either during the meeting or in a timely follow up.

This meeting will focus on preserving our Brescia legacy, serving current students and ensuring our vibrant alumnae community remains engaged. We are eager to ensure all the most brilliant and well-loved parts of our university continue.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen such an incredible energy and loyalty from each of you and we would be very grateful for the chance to tap into your great ideas and commitment to ensure the next generation (and many to come) are fully equipped to lead with wisdom, justice, and compassion.

Online registration for this event is now closed.