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Jordynn Bryan - BOLD Stories

When Jordynn Bryan visited Brescia three years ago, jordynnshe knew it was a community she wanted to be a part of.

The 20-year-old third year student, originally from Oakville, Ontario said so far, she has had a most fulfilling Brescia experience and knows for a fact she made the best decision when she chose to attend Brescia.

“I choose Brescia because of the community and the small class sizes and the residence stood out to me. I think it was wonderful to see when I was on my visit, so I knew I wanted to go here,” she recalled.

“The experience at Brescia has been very welcoming, everyone has been super inviting and especially being able to be here and just knowing that people will support me has been great. The best thing about Brescia for me is the community.”


  jordynnJordynn, who is also a member of the Western Varsity Basketball team, said she loves that she gets to enjoy the best of both worlds.

“Being a part of Brescia and the Western Varsity Basketball team has been great so far, just being able to be in the Brescia community and being able to be in the Western sports community has been a great mix for me.”

But Jordynn had no idea the bevy of amazing opportunities that would come her way being a part of the Brescia and Western community by extension.

She recently had the opportunity of a lifetime to play a role in The Amazing Race Canada, when the popular tv-show was filmed in London, Ontario at the Western University campus.


Jordynn said she was completely shocked when the opportunity came her way but was humbled to have been chosen.
“The opportunity to be a part of the amazing race came about by my coach called me a few days before and asked me if I would like to be a part of helping with amazing race Canada, of course I said yes. But I had no idea what I would be doing.”
“A few days later I came to alumnae stadium, and they told me I would be getting mic up to be the pit stop reader and I would just be welcoming each team as they finished the race,” she explained.

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She described the experience as “unbelievable, but simply amazing”.

“The overall experience was fun and just being able to see the filming process of the Amazing Race Canada was really great. When I saw myself for the first time on TV was pretty amazing, just being able to see. It was a surreal feeling to be a part of that,” she added.

Jordynn said that the opportunity to be a part of The Amazing Race Canada has added to her overall Brescia experience and now more than ever she is grateful to be a part of such a great community.

“. . .. knowing that opportunities like these can happen, jordynnknowing that people will reach out if there is something available and being able to know a community like Brescia supports me is so amazing.”
Jordynn also offered some words of advice to younger women who were considering Brescia, or those who were in search of a wholesome all-round university experience.
“. . . we have a great community and Brescia is always there. No matter who you see on campus, there is always a smiling face to be around and getting to know a lot of people and making new friends. The experience you get here at Brescia will be unlike any other and will be the best choice you ever make.”

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