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Pre-University Learning Opportunities


Brescia Bold is Brescia @ Western’s signature interdisciplinary learning experience for students who want an introduction to a top-notch post-secondary educational institution and the opportunity to hone their leadership, self-awareness, communication, and critical thinking skills. The program is lead by Brescia’s President, Dr. Lauretta Frederking, and provides students with content to help them bridge the gap between secondary and post-secondary school.

Brescia is proud to offer two learning opportunities to elevate young women’s knowledge and leadership skills, so they feel more readily able to lead in their post-secondary adventures. 



Program Benefits

Students who participate in the program:

        • Gain a glimpse into Brescia’s undergraduate curriculum.
        • Explore thought-provoking questions including: What is a good life? What does it mean to live your values? How can you be an agent of change in a complex world?
        • Practice Brescia’s seven competencies: communication, critical thinking, inquiry & analysis, problem solving, self awareness & development, social awareness & engagement, and valuing.
        • Are better prepared to develop their post-secondary program personal statement and application essay requirements.
        • Concentrate on learning without the pressure of formal grades.
        • Gain confidence in the transition into their post-secondary program of choice.
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Lauretta Frederking

Meet Your Instructor: Dr. Lauretta Frederking

President, Brescia University College

Dr. Frederking holds an MA from Columbia University and a PhD from Washington University in St. Louis – both in Political Science with a focus on social justice. Lauretta’s 25-year career in academic leadership has been defined by her dedication to knowledge creation and sharing to promote diversity and inclusion. She has created and led numerous programs and publications with the purpose of amplifying historically marginalized voices, with a special focus on uplifting women throughout every life stage. From leading Brescia’s new Strategic Plan through to overhauling university curricula to represent the communities they aim to serve, Lauretta specializes in fostering leadership that reflects the values of wisdom, compassion and justice

Opportunity 1: Brescia Bold Microcredential Course 

This is an 8-session online asynchronous course. Students who successfully complete the Brescia Bold Microcredential Course will receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Opportunity 2: Brescia Bold Leadership Institute

New Programming Coming Summer 2024: Please check back in September for information about opportunites for high school students! 

This is a one week, in-person, on-campus session. Participating students will be required to complete an online asynchronous 8-session course prior to the in-person component so they are prepared to engage in the morning programming.

Students who successfully complete the Brescia Bold Leadership Institute will receive a Certificate of Completion and a first year university credit from Brescia if they become registered undergraduate or Preliminary Year Program students. The university course credit is only transferrable to other institutions at their discretion.

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Program Overview

Brescia Bold Welcome We'll look at what it means to 'Live, Learn, and Lead' in today's world.
Social Awareness While we look around and see injustices, we also see possibilities and how the greatest challenges can bring opportunities.
Communication We focus on social media this week. Is it so good? Is it so bad? Where do you fit along the spectrum of use and is this where you want to be? This is a time to think and reflect about you and what is working for you in your life.
Diversity Diversity is all about knowing your perspective and helping others to see their strengths. This session you’ll think about diversity, our own unconscious biases, strengths, and intersectionality.
Inquiry & Analysis: Inequality & Economic Systems This session offers a lecture about inequality and what are the things that money can't buy.
Problem Solving What causes do you care about the most? This week we explore problem solving and finding your passion in terms of career and life choices.
Valuing There is an underlying assumption that ethical decision-making 'happens' or does not. Someone is ethical or not. This session is about choice and intention, mistakes, practices, and success. Seize this session time to think through "character" as a goal worth practicing and mastering.
Conclusion  A look at what we can take away from the course.


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