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Campus Ministry is more than a series of programming, it is a community. We work together through individual spiritual journeys and personal challenges by supporting each other throughout the year. By getting involved in Campus Ministry, you have the opportunity to heighten your academic experience beyond the classroom. 

Top five reasons to get involved

  1. Find Your Support System
  2. Gain Leadership Opportunities
  3. Discover Your Path
  4. Give Back to the Community
  5. Make Life-Long Friends
Catherianne George and volunteer sitting together


While Campus Ministry organizes programming and special events throughout the year, you have the opportunity to also be involved in three unique communities that come together to make a positive difference in our community.

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Special Events

Our annual special events connect our campus in faith and traditions. 

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Brescia University
Brescia University


Campus Ministry offers various programing opportunities for students, faculty and staff throughout the year.

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