Brescia University

Our Vision & Mission

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    We envision a world where all individuals have a voice and contribute to leadership in their communities and workplaces, supported by diverse and inclusive organizations and communities, and equitably achieved through the transformation of institutions and systems.

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    To produce transformative knowledge and leaders who work to create diverse and inclusive leadership in all sectors and industries. 

    To this end, we build on our Ursuline roots and values in leader character and foster leader and leadership development, public outreach, and scientific scholarship to support women leaders and change agents in moving organizations and societies towards a more equitable future for diverse women in leadership.

Brescia’s understanding of leadership is unique. There is a deep-rooted commitment to cultivating who leaders are not just what leaders do. Innovation and activism are embedded throughout our Brescia history. 

We are agents of social justice where the needs of society are the centre of our activities. We have a responsibility to choose to lead, both as individuals and as part of a larger network for dismantling barriers to leadership for diverse women. We see our responsibility, at the Centre for Leadership, to equip leaders with competencies, while building character and commitment that will enable them to lead with purpose, skill, and impact.

Our graduates will be prepared to lead social change for a more just and equitable world. Organizational leaders will learn how to lead collectively and inclusively in their workplaces, businesses, and organizations. 

The Centre for Leadership at Brescia University College is the next step in our history of championing equity in leadership for diverse women.