Email signature

Email Signatures

Consistent email signatures allow for the opportunity to strengthen our branding. Instructions to embed Brescia’s email signature into your account are below. Contact information should follow the format listed below and be styled in 10.5pt Arial font, followed by the Brescia logo displayed at 165px wide.

Please see below for instructions on how to implement these signatures to your email.

Email template

Brescia Email Signature

Follow these steps below to setup your email signature without links to social media channels:

  1. From your internet browser, open the Brescia email signature template
  2. Select the entire template by highlighting it and copying it to your clipboard
  3. Open Microsoft Outlook
  4. Click on File > Options > Mail > Signatures
  5. In this window, paste the signature that you copied to your clipboard
  6. Under ‘Choose default signature’ set ‘New messages’ and ‘Replies/Forwards’ to the signature you just created
  7. Click the OK button on the signature screen and on the Options screen

When you compose a brand new email, you should now see your new email signature.