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Our Brand Story

Since 1919, Brescia has been committed to educating women to lead with wisdom, justice and compassion in a changing world. Brescia’s brand, and everything it represents, pays tribute to the mission, vision and values of the University and its four brand attributes: student-centred, compassionate, empowering and invigorating.

So, what is Brescia bold? And, why “Choose to lead”? These questions are at the heart of all we do and define our brand.

Brescia strives to help develop students into dedicated women who can – and will – lead boldly. But, “Brescia Bold” is not in-your-face, brash leadership. Brescia is bold in the way it educates women; bold in the way it values women and their vast leadership potential and bold in the way it actively encourages women to develop and embrace their own unique leadership style.

Brescia’s institutional tagline “Choose to lead” represents the essence of who we are and what we do – concentrating the University’s focus and passion for women’s leadership. When a student chooses to study at Brescia, they also choose leadership – whether that is in the classroom, in a club, in their family or in their community.