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Student Life Centre
The Student Life Centre blog is a hub of connection to opportunities linking all aspects of student development and student learning at Brescia.

An International Experience at Brescia
Floor Gaasbeek, an International Marketing Student from Stenden University shares her experiences on doing an internship at Brescia University College.

Clever Researcher BlogThe Clever Researcher blog was created to assist Brescia University College Students with researching. The blog posts are generated by real questions that Brescia students ask during the research classes I teach, during our Clever Researcher drop-in hours, or at the library reference desk. They are designed specifically with Brescia students in mind but may apply to other university students, especially in the Western community.

Dr. Gilby’s Corner
It’s Not Always Easy: Coping Tips from Psychology. In the blog, Dr. Gilby discusses what psychology can teach us about topics such as the science of happiness; constructive ways of coping with stress; effective goal setting; self-esteem and self-compassion; forgiveness and much, much more.