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How to Become a Preceptor

Become a Preceptor

We invite you to contribute to shaping the future of the dietetic profession by becoming a preceptor.  We can’t produce the next generation of Registered Dietitians in Ontario without the help of dedicated practitioners willing to share their knowledge and skills.  Please consider giving back to your profession by mentoring a student for a placement – all practice settings in all locations across Ontario are needed.

Benefits of Being a Preceptor

Honorarium to host organizations: Brescia provides an honorarium as a thank you for supporting our students.  We hope these funds can be directed toward your own professional development or resources for your work.

Free Access to Brescia and Western University Online Libraries

To support your evidence-based practice, Brescia offers free electronic access to the university’s library system, which includes hundreds of journal databases, subscriptions to Practice Based Evidence in Nutrition (PEN) and Nutrition Terminology Reference Manual: Dietetics Language for Nutrition Care (eNCPT).

New Ideas and Fresh Perspectives

Students will ask questions that provoke thought and discussion and share information learned through coursework, research or other placements.

Practice-Based Project

Students can complete quality assurance/improvement projects or evaluations on site to demonstrate effectiveness or value from your programs and services.

Network with Colleagues in Other Organizations, University Faculty & Researchers

Through our preceptor website, by leading webinars or seminars at Brescia or collaborating on multi-site projects.

 Staff Relief 

Students can provide staff relief toward the end of their training and contribute significantly to the workload when organizations are short-staffed.

 Recruitment of Future Colleagues 

Consider the value of orienting and training a student during placements when seeking potential new staff recruits.  Many of our students take entry-level positions in organizations where they completed placements and are ready to work from day one!

Please contact a Dietetic Education Coordinator for more information.